Modern and more updated

(Travonus Trapoll) #1

Hey fellow capsuleers and Devs!

For those who are always use to old style of forums, change can be very hard to get round however this contains far more features and has a great look to it.

It is now easier to see the last post and reply to it with a preview box right next to where you are typing, so its great to make changes first time round rather than posting then editing or having to open another window to see it. So that is 1 very slick thing i like.

Now personally the sub categories look rather plain and boring. So maybe spice it up a bit make into EVE style of writing like in the logo. Maybe change the colour of it to make those categories stand out.

On the whole very nice very modern and i hope others will get use to it soon!


(Merias Tylar al-Akhwa) #2

Got to agree here.

I know it’s an unpopular opinion but I actually really like the new forums. It took me a couple visits to adjust but now it flows a lot more easily. I enjoy the layout (particularly the new reply interface) quite a bit and look forward to seeing it used as the sole forum in the near future.

(Rivr Luzade) #3

If only it didn’t have this extremely and unnecessarily wide side bar with the time line scroll. Why does this section need to be 1/3 of the content width when the scroll is only 100 pixel wide?

Why does the time line scroll disappear when I respond to a thread, like right now?

Where can I turn off Suggested Topics as well as the constant reminder to be civil?

Why do I have to move my mouse down and to the side to click on the Confirm button when I select a character? This button should be on the portrait and no where else.

The Read/Views/Posts numbers also should be brighter and bigger (only tested on the standard theme) and not so much spaced out.

(Ivory Harcourt) #4

It might come a bit as a shock but not every complaint here is coming from bittervets who are used to the ways of olde and can’t absorb any change. There are many positive features on this forum, preview being one of them (and extremely sexy), however the amount of space wasted by unneded ■■■■■■■■ is quite massive. Look at the old forums, compare it with this.

I know that “modern” is a new buzzword and therefore everything modern must be automatically better, but what about the word “practical”?

(Rivr Luzade) #5

Why does the new forum not tell me at a glance what alliance/corporation a posting character is in? This is a very important feature of the old forum that helps to understand why people post in certain ways. Not even the profiles tell these information now. That is a major design flaw.

Why can’t I customize the background of the forum like in the old forum? I do not particularly like the gloomy, dark blue background and instead want my glorious warm and bright Amarr background.

(ISD Stall) #6

Hi there, I want to address several questions so here we go:

If only it didn’t have this extremely and unnecessarily wide side bar with the time line scroll.

A. Try using the wide screen theme. This will increase the overall width of the page container while decreasing the width of the sidebar.

Where can I turn off Suggested Topics as well as the constant reminder to be civil?

A. As far as I know, this is currently this is not possible.

Why do I have to move my mouse down and to the side to click on the Confirm button when I select a character? This button should be on the portrait and no where else.

A. In regard to the character selection screen (during forum log in), this comes down to design. As you cannot switch characters once you are logged into the forums (You have to log out and back in to change characters). I suspect this confirm button is there to stop people from logging in to the wrong character by mistake.

Why does the new forum not tell me at a glance what alliance/corporation a posting character is in?

A. Currently there is no built-in system to see the corporation or alliance that a pilot belongs to. Currently that integration is not part of the forums, there are a few reasons. CCP Avalon has stated that “it something we will consider if we have the ability to do this right”

For now if you wish to have this information you can use this third party script.

(Rivr Luzade) #7

Looks like tree-quoting does not work.
At least the suggested workarounds work… But having to install a third party script in order to use a functionality that has been available in an older and portrayed as less useable forum version is quite a disgrace. And even with the script it’s not the same level of comfort as in the old forum because it requires another click. You really should not adopt this UI design approach from the game. :wink:

(Rivr Luzade) #8

Another thing that I really can’t get to like is that newly created topics appear above stickied topics. I obviously forgot to make a screenshot, but I just created a new topic in a forum with 2 stickies in the forum. After creation, the new topic was listed above these stickies and not below them as in the old forums. Call me old fashioned, but this is counterintuitive. Stickied things are stickied for a reason: They are meant to be on top of a place to signal that they are important. No other topic on a board should be placed higher than these topics unless it’s a newer sticky, especially not user created topics.

(ISD Stall) #9

Discourse forums by default will un-sticky any post that you read once you reach the end of that post.

You can disable this by going to your preferences, interface and un-tick ‘Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom.’

You will need to log out and back in. But now any stickys will remain as such until we remove them.

(Rivr Luzade) #10

This option should be renamed to “end of topic” or “last post of topic” instead of bottom to make the meaning clearer.

But that’s not what I meant. I have already pinned topics back so that they stay. However, my own topic appeared above them after I created it and only after an F5 it was pushed below the stickies.

(CCP Avalon) #11

Suggestion noted, and implemented.

It is intended for the added/updated topics to go to the top when you click the banner at the top of a category. This behavior only applies to users that have a tab open for that particular category, at the time of a thread addition/update, and choose to click the banner to update the topic list.

You could say it provides context to the action of getting said updates through the banner.

Forums: “These are the threads I just mentioned.”

As you noted, refreshing the page F5 (switching categories should work the same way) will push the updated topics below pinned topics, as you’d expect.

(Rivr Luzade) #12

Another thing that is a step back from the old forums: In the old forums I can just click on the row of a topic and the topic loads. In the new forum, although it also has distinct rows for each topic, I have to click on the actual text of the topic title in order to load the topic. To people like Falcon, this might seem like a small inconvenience, but especially with short titles on wide screens/wide browser windows this UX approach means a lot of unnecessary mouse travel.

Another thing is the missing Back To Top arrow. Granted, I have not really used it at all in the old forum because scrolling with the infinity scroll of my Logitech mouse is faster than the click. However, in the new forum with lots of posts above my position I already start noticing lags from loading posts when I scroll too fast, which is why I think that this button would be a useful UI element.
Alternatively, you could also make the thin timeline guiding line wider (and of course the slider) and allow to click on it so that you can move to any place in the topic with a click rather than having to drag the slider. Nevermind, I just found out that you need to click besides the guiding line and the slider jumps to the position. Very intuitive but at least it works.

And yet another thing: When my mouse cursor is hovering over a row in a forum’s topic list, this row should be highlighted like it is the case in the old forum. Without the highlighting and the purposefully dark and small text in combination with the vast empty space in some topic rows, it’s quite inconvenient to find out where you are or where you click.

(Rivr Luzade) #13

And yet another things: I just clicked on the “Cakeday” option in the hamburger… First of, how can I get rid of this menu option? I am not the least bit interested in seeing how many people celebrate something on a given day.

And secondly, when I used the Back button on my mouse to go back to the previous page, it wouldn’t leave this section. It just kept reloading the cakeday section. Only after I double-pressed the Back button on my mouse, the site returned to the previously visited page and left the cakeday section. Using the Back key on my keyboard or the Back button of my browser (FF54) demonstrates the same behavior. Only double pressing/clicking the buttons allows me to leave this section. This behavior only seems to be present in the cakeday section. Entering other sections via the hamburger, like Dev Posts or Top or Badges, allows me to go back to the previous page with a single click/press on Back.

(ISD Fractal) #14

If you click the top date on the right hand side of the screen (the date the original post was made) it will bring you to the top of the thread. It isn’t an arrow but it has the same function. You can also press the Home key on your keyboard to jump to the top of the thread. Likewise, you can press the End button to jump to the bottom.

I don’t believe that you can, the menu seems to be a global menu so it would have to be adjusted for all users, much like you have seen the addition of the dev posts link.