Apology to adrian vexier

i apologize to you for misunderstanding your words and getting mad that you altered what i said in a pm and then posted an incorrect line in local chat. what happens in this game needs to stay in this game and this forum post is in an effort to make the senseless ganks stop so that my newbro corpmates can go about learing the game without fear. sincerely i am sorry that i took it to the lengths that i did and i surely hope that this public apology will mean something to you so this can end in game.


10/10, this is the content we need.


i just wish it had worked it is what he wanted and my corpmates are still getting ganked by ppl that have been playing over 10 years and they just started today its sad it really is

I’m very impressed with the number of times that dude has been called out specifically by name on these forums.


This harks back to the sing or pod practises of old.
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Have you thought about teaching them how not to get ganked?

And if you can’t or wont, then maybe you shouldn’t be running a newbro corp.


Standard Eve Forum behaviour and of course the normal mode of operation for their website too.

I would advise you and your corp-mates to desist from exchanging with Gankers and their ilk in local and ignore their mails too. It speeds up their boredom process. And block Gix Firebrand on the Eve forums too, better still keep off the forums as it will make you a bigger target.

In terms of the ganking, create an alternative HQ or two and move there, if they follow you, you have grounds for harassment in game.

Good luck and keep resisting.

PS HQ meaning base of operations where you carry out activities.


seems legit

Ah, yes, the “they followed me to a different system to PvP my ship, CCP please ban!” maneuver.

Move systems bro. It ain’t that hard. Adrian usually operates in gal space. So just search for a better system.

Very true


  1. Love when you do this as it shows you haven’t blocked me :smiley:
  2. Even if you have, it is the height of cowardice to block and then still crap talk LOL. You can’t even handle public discourse. Its hilarious :smiley:

Wut. No you don’t. This is perhaps the stupidest statement every uttered in EVE. This is literally an open world PvP game.

So if I’m being chased in low by a gang, and they follow me for several systems can I report them? ROFL.


This guy again. Wasnt this the guy with the hacking and conspiracy theories? I thought they got him banned.
Anyways i see Eve as more of a social game and if one players is constantly anti-social, then sooner or later he must go.


wasn’t this guy banned for hacking or cheating or something like that?
I think I’ve seen that name mentioned before in not so good contexts.


he was multiboxing and he got banned for some time for that. It’s his playstyle, he can’t win if he doesn’t multibox.


Isn’t this the pvp youtuber? This guy:

He regularly releases videos running the evenrs, early on when events are released.
I knew about his PvP runs but I didn’t know he ganked.

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I know this Adrian Vexier,
He come over and drank all of my beer, flirted with my sister and put a hole in the couch with his biker wallet.

No sir you get no apologies from me… And yes, you need to return my lawnmower as well,


Nice joke. it’s nice to see some people in this game still have a sense of humor.
now I’ve come across this guys videos before and I’ve found several of them to be rather iffy. take the video above. he figts a pvp fit rattlesnake and a fleet of trivlavians at once and defeats the other rattle all while tanking it’s damage and the triglavian’s damage barely even registering any damage. weird to day the least.

Obvious alt is obvious LOL.

He didn’t hack or cheat. Peeps simply don’t know how to EVE LOL.

Obvious alt is obvious LOL.

LOL obvious alt is obvious. And uh, a ton of peeps multi box LOL.

Holy alt post batman, they are coming out of everywhere!

Holy alt post batman.

All I gotta say is keep rocking on Adrian :smiley:


so this guy got me banned on a false report i assume. i am also trying to trace a few hack attempts made on my pc during the days of these events i just dropped $100 last night does ccp really think i would be doing things against the rules. i hope that it is true that my ban is under investigation i have a ticket in i think that is all i can do i got on today for maybe a minute and was instantly kicked off. if i had not dropped the money on this game i would have just given up at this point but i invested money cause i really enjoy the game and want to play. but now i am stuck with nothing cause of this guy.

So you came in here flaming out about him cheating with a bunch of forum alts, but you are the one who is banned? That is peak internet energy right there.


Tell me where you are, and I will send some newbro gankers your way.