So long new eden

2017.08.26 04:17:27 Corporation Account Withdrawal -315,000,000,000.00 ISK 0.00 ISK [r] Beliar Gray transferred cash from I’m quitting Eve PV Rock I want to talk with you’s corporate account to James 315’s account.

2017.08.26 03:27:30 Player Donation -500,000,000,000 ISK 322,753,560,244 ISK [r] Pandorath deposited cash into Braggs Seyllin’s account

I sent almost all my liquid isk to dear savior James 315 and CODE. ship fitter Braggs Seyllin. I don’t play even anymore after devs decided to ban most of my friends, a lot of them over no reason.

Feel free to remove this post mods, all it will do is just make me write a longer reddit post.

It’s been fun 6 years although I didn’t enjoy the last 1.

See you again PV Rock I will never forget you bro.

BG out o7



Can I have your… ■■■■… too late…


Despite disliking CODE for their actions but respecting them in a roleplay fashion, here is my two cents to believe why they were banned.

Manipulating CONCORD. You guys have a clear explanation on your webpage on how to delay CONCORDs reaction time, which is highly frowned upon since you are not supposed to escape the ultimate law, excuses of being a “saviour” included.

New player grieving. Which is actually a reportable offense when you submit a ticket. Give the new players some slack, you guys are too harsh on your approach.

Offensive behaviour. Which I believe on your page it even shows some of you guys being quite hostile towards the victims.

The universe of EvE is harsh, you do not need to tell me.that, but you either state that your behaviour is roleplay towards the victim Before saying incredibly rude stuff, or, you know, gank people and continue being human.


Here ill put this all in one comment - As I Just re-read your tear filled comment.

lol why wasnt the “concord manipulation” you speak of patched by the devs?

Show us on the doll where the code catalysts touched you

Show us where new players are being targeted? and also do you not remember this -



Aah the lovely assumption that I am tearing up, please entertain me more.

You guys clearly know it is not accepted to manipulate CONCORD, yet you do it, which you only have yourselves to blame.

Also, I only assumed the possible causes, because there are some posts in your page where you guys anger the new people and therefore retaliate, but due to the amount of care that I give I honestly prefer not to go to the site and browse through it, you can thank your assumptions for giving me a more negative point of view of yourself for not caring further. grabs popcorn and waits for more tear related comments


And if CCP trully recognized that they would have removed the options to report said behaviour in tickets.


Ah, a “dindu nuffin” thread.


Is anyone supposed to give a ■■■■ about another cultist leaving?


Considering the level of leeway CCP gives players in this game I pretty sure they had good reason to ban your friends.



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Boasting in isk laundering thread.


Everyone wins Eve in the end.

Congrats on winning it in style.

Praise James.


Should we be lucky the forums aren’t scratch and sniff, or are we missing out?


Concord manipulation (pulling it off grid) is perfectly within game mechanics. What’s not allowed is escaping Concord after a gank.

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Iirc CONCORD delay tactics are not allowed.
Though they may be mechanically possible, that does not mean they are allowed.

For example: Many forms of cheating are mechanically possible, but nonetheless not allowed. Same thing IRL. You have the means to commit crimes, but they are nonetheless not allowed.


And I quote, “Delaying CONCORD response or completely avoiding it”. By pulling it off grid you are therefor delaying said response.

I might be missing out on something because I do not know what that term means, isn’t Scratch and Sniff this thing where you scratch a surface and it releases a pleasant smell?


If you think this, then submit a support ticket when you see it.

You’ll soon find that this is not considered delaying CONCORD.


That may be so, but it clearly does delay a CONCORD response to a criminal act.

Whether CCP chooses to recognize that as such, is up to them.
Their rules, they can interpret them however they want.

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You should probably read what the exploit notification says, not just what the short description is.

And it doesn’t delay CONCORD in the way CCP have interpreted that to mean. It moves them elsewhere, but in no way delays them. They move and respond from that location in their own normal time.

But, go petition it. Then you’ll find out for yourself.