Directly addess Aiko Danuja comments about ganking

So you want your gameplay style to be supreme content? Why don’t you just go to low and nul? Were you kicked out of these zones? You only have high sec left to play in because you’re useless at real pvp.

Does attacking people with a green button make you feel powerful? Your boredom is satisfied by people who cannot attack back. Daisy cutting is excitement to you? Have you tried therapy for that issue instead of terrorizing people in high sec with your views of the world or games? Some people love star trek over star wars, is there not enough space in eve for everyone?

And seriously why doesn’t Safety just go to low and nul sec? Whats the main issue here? It’s not the excitement of watching people with a green button blow up. That seems very boring.

The criminal ore thieves and criminal autopiloters are all in hisec.

It is like asking why a pest control guy doesn’t spray for cockroaches in places where there are no cockroaches.


You are going to have to do better then that. Manipulative philosophy is a crap effort at explaining why low and nul sec are not enough.

I don’t have to do anything, scrow.

why is nul and low not enough? Do you even know the answer?

I know the answer.

You need to read The Code. Would you like me to link it for you?

go ahead


The Princess and crew are providing content to you.

failing fast freely
opportunities to grow
adversaries gift

How arrogant is that, this manifesto was created by a lunatic. Populism is alive in Eve. Do you think you have the right to impose rules on others with some poorly written manifesto of arrogance and fascism?

Wow this is much worse then i thought. I dont like the bot miners but the miners can take care of it. We stop people who do this.

But to write a whole manifesto when the primary concern can be summed up like this. “No botting” I just replaced that entire manifesto with two words.

OK, first and foremost I’m not a ganker so deflect your anger elsewhere when/if you reply to this post. However, I am assuming that your referring to this loss on your part? Impel | Cherti Stardust | Killmail | zKillboard Yes? Well a couple small things that go along with the age old eve saying of “Get good”… First, you had over 2B in a deep space transport…which is a ship that is vulnerable to being scanned. So most likely you’d been scouted/scanned 2-3 jumps before you ever arrived at your fateful encounter. If for instance you’d been flying a blockade runner instead (check the role bonus for all blocakade runners) you’d have been immune to all cargo scanners. Is that foolproof…no it isn’t but it creates doubt, doubt on the return on investment necessary to kill your ship. They had to sacrifice four Tornado’s and would not have done so without a positive isk return, so if you’d been carrying less isk value it could’ve made a big difference. Further, your traveling on known routes, re-route and take a different path. Make more than one trip if necessary. You could have also utilized one of the many delivery services in eve (i.e.: Red Frog, GHSOL, Push Interstellar Network…) and had a guarantee of delivery. Look, you can spurge all you want about “mean” gankers/pirates…but this is Eve online not WOW or Hello Kitty online. So, just like real life…learn to work within the system as the outliers will just get ground down to nothing and become extinct. Again, before you type your angry reply…I’m not trying to be a smart butt to you, I’m trying to help!

no this discussion is not about that, the GM’s replaced everything because they were able to determine the player was exploiting. Edit: or that’s what i suspect as i reported it as an exploit.

You’ve all but admitted to wanting to destroy ganking as a play style, and wanting to turn HS into a risk free zone.

You talk of others flawed logic and cognitive biases, while somehow living in a fantasy world where CCP designed HS to be a safe zone -as if the mechanics that allow for, and balance, non-consensual and consensual HS PvP aren’t evidence of developer intent.

Instead of teaching your corp members how to harden themselves against ganks, you fill their heads with conspiracy theories, ruin their morale by telling them that they are competing against botters and exploiters, and teach them that the only way to get better outcomes is to whine to CCP to destroy your enemies play style.

These killmails aren’t meant to shame, but to prove my point.

You are a terrible player.

You are a terrible corp leader.

You are a terrible member of this community.


Again you constructed a post of false equivalencies. What does these two newish players have to do with the topic at hand? You have a very distorted view of leadership and obviously live by the zkillboard. None of those losses matter in regards to the topic. When you do that its called a “Stalking horse”, debate here has degraded down to sophomoric debate tricks. Drawing peoples attention to losses on a zkillboard does not progress the topic at all. Your trying to dismiss all debate through shame and an obvious “stalking horse”. Seriously, stay on topic.

The red herring/strawman/staking horse game, call me when your done running the gambit of games to stop debate.

I suppose I’ll respond in order to prevent myself getting flagged for killboard shaming.

We fundamentally disagree over what is the problem here. You say that ganking needs to be addressed; I say that terrible corp leaders that sabotage their members through their incompetency is the true problem that needs to be addressed.

That is why I linked the killmails. It was to demonstrate that you fail your corp members by failing to teach them how to harden themselves against ganks. And this is evident by how you responded to these losses. You didn’t see glaring mistakes on the part of your members, pull them aside, and try to give them some pointers. Instead you took to the forums to try to lobby for the destruction of your enemy’s play style. And if that wasn’t bad enough, you’ve admitted to filling their heads with conspiracy theories that they are playing against cheaters.

These kills and your response to them is why I say that you are a terrible corp leader that is failing their members. And this, combined with your attempts to kill other people’s play style, is why I assert that you are a terrible member of this community.

Yeah, the first guy is almost 1 and a half years old, and the second guy was a 3.5 year old player flying a two billion isk ship.

Oh, and btw, if you want a safe place to Eve, you should go play Eve Echoes, and stop trying to ruin this game.


Nobody can gank you in Project Discovery!

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While Jones is typing, basically ganking is supposed to punish careless playing, doing things under the impression that you are untouchable.

Personally, I’ve never been ganked so I don’t know where exactly the line is but following some simple rules can definitely keep you safe. Not flying multi-bilion isk ships is certainly one of them.

Also were you baited in some way? As there doesn’t seem to be enough Tornados on that kill for it to be a gank.

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Well, I definitely agree with the first part of you post, but I wanted to point out that you can fly multibillion isk ships in HS by following best practices. Of course, flying expensive ships will increase your risk, but that’s okay as long as the reward scales to match.

Anyway, I personally fly marauders. However, my PvE fits are probably overtanked, I use travel fits, don’t go AFK, remain attentive, pay attention to community chat channels, use EveGateCampCheck, and they have a low potential loot drop (they are mostly T2 fit, save for the damage mods, which are Gravid+T2 Abyssals that use CPU as a dump stat).

Oh, and if you’re curious about using mutaplasmids to make cheaper faction alternatives, let me know. I got post explaining it somewhere -I’d just need to find it.

I live in Scalding Pass at the moment so I want to make sure everything I fly is re-buyable as it is and Abyssal modules don’t fit that rule.

Also I use at most (and preferably) T2 mods. There was one exception but that was because I didn’t actually pay for it.

You are not going to kick me out of the game because you are taking shots at me. Move over old player the new guard is here and we say “no to high sec ganking”. Who is CCP going to listen to? The future or the past?