New to ganking - thanks for everyone's cooperation

I am happy to join the rank of those chasing down and arresting miners carrying out illegal un-permitted mining in my beloved region.

I appreciate those who allowed me to blow up their vessels in training.

I will ramp up my training to include more targets daily as my experience increases.

Im so excitec to help make new eden great again!



Who is your favourite ganker (or gankerette)?

Princess Aiko Danuja
To be feared and loved… finally a role model for elite pvp…

Of course my favorite. There is no comparison.

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Oh, nice!

Pass the bucket please :nauseated_face:


With a name like that…I just couldn’t resist…

Im always happy to gank infected miners… but wear a mask

That seems unlikely, friend.

EvE gankers are ultimately just like other eve players. Fun and interesting people, but by and large stick to themselves.

I’ve managed to wring some conversation out of them, but scarcely more than a few sentences.

Hardly the open armed welcome, not that theyre required to give me one.

Most likely this is another alt post. Because it’s been what… three days since we started a thread about ganking?

OMG…it must be years since anyone posted on the topic of ganking.


And wash your hands afterwards

Yes its funny that silly wants to keep the topic alive… thank you for your assistance

Need some Kleenix? :rofl:

What is Kleenix? is that miner equipment? Id much rather you send my 100m isk … right click my name in game and send isk… thanks o/

EVE is a meritocracy and I don’t give handouts. :slightly_smiling_face:

well, you suggested kleenix, i figured the hand was next… i brought the lotion.

Whoa…you figured wrong: that’s not what I meant when I suggested Kleenix. Let’s hope your aim while ganking miners is a lot better.

In case Her Nibs spurts your affections, here’s a song to cheer you up.

Crazy talk. Everyone knows gankers absolutely hate bragging in the forums.


Totally true i was there i was the jumpgate…

Lies… i know your intentions… and no, that will not be a valid substitute for a permit… just buy your mining permit and be a citizen!