The gate to Sivala

Last night we had a small training op , open to pilots out side our corp . With a fleet of about 20 we all got into our Thrasher and headed to Uedama.

Our aim was to keep the Sivala gate free from ganks for as long as we could . Kusion had been ganking most of the day with different safety fleets around as well.

So for just under 2 hour we kept the gate safe , Kusion was on tether and changed ships but never attacked , eventually logging off , as I’m sure we all have to now and then.
Safety made an attempt at killing a T1 hauler , with our fire power and logi they Failed and if I’m not mistaken , all died before concord arrived.

So our op was successful, at points a bit boring but we entertained ourselves and we instructed people how to use the ships which was an alpha fit Thrasher , so a week old pilot could take part.

So keep an eye open if you’re a cargo pilot or just travel past uedama , we will start to post the time we will force the gates in uedama to be free .

Of course we can’t be there 24/7 and I’m sure the ganker will come up with stories as to why they never ganked , I’m sure they continued after we left.

So if you fancy taking part next time make a cheap arty Thrasher and have it ready in uedama , with your help we can keep open the Juun gate as well next time for more safe travel in uedama.

Now time to watch the replays from the criminal cast come in as to what we did wrong and why they Failed for two hours :kissing_closed_eyes:


So did you kick the guy with negative sec status from your corp or are you still harboring criminals :smiley:


We include a Get-out-of-jail-free card when we hand out the welcome package to new members.


That is called Qualified Immunity sir.


Well played indeed. That you are able to set up and run a fleet of 20 is really really impressive. Stopping Kusion and making him log is superb. Well played to all of you.


You can’t, it is one of the reasons why there are so many gankers.

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I’ll bring along an expensive arty Thrasher. Mine are around 10m ISK, compared with the 2m ISK Safety Thrashers. OK so 8m ISK more…but in rl it doesn’t even pay for the froth on a pint of beer.

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Nice! This is why player-made content > developer-made content.

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Yes bring whatever your ok with , we wanted to try the bare minimum needed . So high lvl ships are indeed better, earlier that afternoon I got 3 kills before concord interfered, with a high skilled alt.

You had me at arty thrasher.


Ah so you’re inconsistent and not actually police or credible.

Got it :smiley:

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Is it really necessary to start a new thread to describe each and every single one of your fleets? I mean, can you honestly imagine how spammy it would be if I literally made a new thread for each fleet?

Can you imagine if everyone in EvE made a thread for every fleet?

Doo’t forget to like and subscribe!

Of course we’re not… its a game! :wink:

This is an on going AG operation that we want to make the people of new Eden aware of, which is what the forums are for, if you don’t want to read about your coming down fall , please don’t open this and don’t comment.

Over the coming weeks we will be taking more types of actions against you and try to gather fresh forces to join our forever war.

A date will be set shortly for a longer period of time that Uedama will be kept open and our increase in forces will gather. Of course all are welcome including you. Unless you are killing new players in ventures and can’t make it .

Long live the resistance

Join us and watch Uedama burn with the hulks of dead catalyst and failed ganks

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Blablabla, can you imagine if every other person in EvE took the time to post yet another spam thread about their latest ongoing failure?

@Githany_Red I agree with Aiko here. I know it’s difficult because of forum trolls and derailing but I think a singular thread for NEPF’s anti-Ganking is better than a new thread for each instance of interaction.

I say this because a single thread is much easier for interested readers and commenters to interact with rather than multiple threads that end up trashed.

Instead I suggest you do as Aiko suggested. Make a thread and have it be yours. A space for you to tell your narrative. Of course you’re going to get trolled and derailed but that is what ISD and forum moderators are for. Don’t feed the trolls and keep the thread from being derailed and held hostage. Ping moderators and request the thread be cleaned up.

I had to do this several times with my thread I did for dueling freighters. If you have a story to tell then do it in a single thread instead of participating in degrading C&P.

Every thread is about the same ■■■■ and ends up the same way. Nothing but trolls here and it’s sad. Go take a walk around the old forums around 2010 - 2013 and you’ll see a much healthier and interesting “crime and punishment” section.

My 2c


While I admire your desire to keep the forums uncluttered and well organized, with meaningful content, perhaps you could just post whenever you have a gank fleet up in this thread so you get your share of the spotlight?


Every post I starts gets locked by gankers squabbling, so I’m sorry I do have to start new ones

In the future I’ll clearly label what the thread is about , then people not interested in the subject needn’t look.

And in return I’ll not make comments in your post

We can all post away then .

Maybe one day ccp will get war decs sorted out and ganking won’t be the only crime worth fighting


In the past I’ve actually submitted tickets to GMs when certain individuals are obviously making a habit out of being disruptive or intentionally derailing.

Everyone might have their own opinion here on the game but threads shouldn’t be turned into ■■■■ shows.

Also honestly I think every thread gets locked because most are just a clone of the last one that gets locked. So maintain a single thread. Make it your “anti-ganking mega thread”. Share your experiences, victories, losses, and encounters there.

So let’s drain this swamp here. I wanna get back to threads where we read about the criminals and their counter parts. Where threads had actual content… meat and potatoes… a story. A place for ninja looters, suspect baiters, gankers, war dec’ers, scammers, extortionists, and then those that oppose all the previously listed. In 2011 I spent nearly the entire year researching Eve Online before I started playing in 2012. This lead me to a lot of really interesting blogs of players that gave insight into player-driven and player-generated conflict. The out of the box stuff that exists less and less each year. I was less to the forums where I read stories of the scams and piracy. What are new players reading about here right now?

I’ll do my part to behave and will report posters as needed without using it as a tool to silence opposing views.

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