Police in minmatar space

I love what the NEPF and Gifhany Red are doing and would like to do the same in Minmatar space anyone up for joining me , if they are willing we could do joint ops with NEPF if we get some members , alts are ok as i am one and we can see how it pans out, join me and fight crime

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Thank you, it can be a hard job at times, you just have to get out there and do it when real allows. Learn you local gankers and time they are on , don’t want you to waste hours waiting for them to gank , like can happen in uedama , now they faf around a lot. Docking up , back to tether , warp to next station , back to first station . Oh and then change ships . Anyone would think someone is putting them off😆

Sorry I digress but pick your target a strict to it don’t run around willy-nilly , do stuff and people will notice and may join you , don’t expect a lot of open support ,like I said before many of these group aren’t a bunch of idiots , they are skilled player who know their stuff and will use intimation to put many people down and stop then acting

OOC: Do you guys have a system for tracking gankers? Probably wouldn’t be that hard to setup scouts in systems, track everybody, and then from that list figure out who ganks and who doesn’t. Then just have a frontend that shows you a list of gankers that are online and what systems they’re probably in.

Yes we do have scouts and intelligence channels groups like I’m in pass on info to each other, is that what you mean

OOC: I meant more some type of system that users can log information into where it will then build profiles on user activity. More data that’s entered, the more accurate predictions it could provide

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Would be nice but out of my pay grade but I like your thinking

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