Abyssal trace protection

Over the next week we will be setting up sessions where we run a system of protection for Abyssal runners, we have been testing the system out and I think it will work ok .

This obviously will be setup for people we know for now .

The plan is to see how many runners we can cover with the minimal number on protection, that’s why it works well for corp or group events . ( As eve is intended , it’s better in a group, even on a solo type play style that actually take you out of space , we can brink it back into group play if people want to .

After toying with this idea for some time and our corp suffering losses to gankers will will give it a try .

Please don’t ask how we will stop a gank as that will be a surprise for gankers but suffice to say we have learnt effective ways in our other anti-ganking and criminal hunting activities to succeed, we know anything in the end can be counted in eve , but make it hard for gankers and they don’t bother

I’ll post how this works out after a few runs , even if we fail I’ll post how and why .

If your interested in taking part mail me in game . Just to warn you we will be picky about this , I’m sure you understand


Isanamo best system to protect and I have scouts in system and ships on deck!
Cats baking in the oven too.


Thank you Iceacid many faces Frostpacker


Thank Space Jesus that we have these brave heroes protecting the ultra-wealthy high-end high-sec content grinders, instead of, I don’t know, bringing new players to low-sec and covering them while they’re trying out improved money-making opportunities like mining Omber, hunting for clone soldiers, and doing anomalies for B-type gear.

You truly are doing the Lord’s work, Githany Red.


Please don’t share that evemail here @Githany_Red

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No don’t worry it’s safe with me

I love you 10bil setup for Abyssal running with our help they will never get you , and it’s a free services we are running to. Well I say free there is the small administration fee but you expect that… especially in eve .

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We do our bit , but don’t forget if a new player makes a half decent Abyssal runner they are risking more than the ultra wealthy in their bling ships , anyway come and stop us if you object so much instead of being passive aggressive on the forums , oh wait you can’t I forgot we are in jita space lol, and no I’m not doing this in amarr , anyway you seem comfortable docked up so much in Amarr I’d hate to spoil your fun

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I would, but…



If it works… you could open a franchise in Amarr Space?
I’m sure we can come to a satisfactory agreement :slight_smile:

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Im really not following the logic of this at all.

Someone can go to a quiet pocket of space and do 100’s of abyssal runs in almost complete safety. Or they can run them in under the protection of New Eden Police force where they become targets as gankers will be keen to get one over on Githany. How is this an attractive proposition at all?

Is anti-ganking so difficult these days that you have to use abyss runners as live bait to generate content?


Well some people want to run the risk and do this close to jita , so setting up a sys where pilots can protect each other in the most dangerous areas would be a good thing.

And why would they want to do that , the danger if they fail will be humiliation, in all seriousness I understand your point and have hired a new and up and coming group of pilots at have no association to me or NEPF so will be hard to spot in local , to run a bit of protection. We will see how that goes.

What ever happens it’s content and players are working together doing what is essentially solo game play. Win win

I would like to volunteer to help lazy carebears grind isk.

Sounds like great ‘content’…


Sure just send me your qualifications for a position in the protection fleet

A shot description about yourself as a pilot in new Eden and of course the registration fee and as an offer for the next 6 hours you get a massive savings for fast enrolment of 50% with a further 25%off as it’s Monday

I’m totally incompetent and I believe ganking is griefing and I just want to do my part to help people grind isk in the safest part of the game, disadvantaging every other player in the game including myself, just so some lazy carebear can continue grinding until they get bored and uninstall the game. This is really a good use of my time and I promise that I will continue to spam the forums even after I make a public announcement that I’m boycotting the forums.


Sometimes I wonder whether Githany is a false-flag troll intended to discredit the AG movement via an inside job effort, but then I remember that I’ve sat inside NEPF for a while and no, this actually is a genuinely delusional person.

Thank you Miss Aiko Danuja , you seem perfect for the job , you will received a mail shortly with your assignment details.

Obviously all this can go ahead once the 100mill isk enrolment fee has cleared

With @Destiny_Corrupted skill she could run the protection why docked in the Amarr hub and all would be safe. In between undocking in a Proteus to kill a war target in a pod.


Interesting you should accuse me of something like that, considering that I have one of the highest points-per-kill ratios on zKill.

At least you get your new air PvP training done, a guy in jita killed this alt 22 times in a shuttle to complete his , I wondered why 22 than remember the air training.

Not accusing you of anything, it’s what war Dec groups do.
And well done with the ratio

OH!.. Is that how it’s done?

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