EVE UNI - Anti ganking lecture

Eve University and the New Eden police force are proud to present a public lecture on the art and mechanics of Anti Ganking. All are welcome to attend.

Are you tired of having to change your pantsuit every time you haul through Uedama? Are you still feeling salty after the loss of your newbro venture? Does your industry corp live in fear that the T2 hull they have spent weeks collecting resources for will go up in a ball of flames to some trigger happy maniac on the way to market?

Do you want to play a good guy, or at least an okay guy in Eve, but you are convinced that there’s nothing you can do against a conglomerate mafia of blood thirsty space criminals?

Give us a chance to change your mind and open your eyes to some counter play options you have available.

We will be discussing how to assess threats quickly, maximize your chance of survival, and active ganking counter play, tactics, and fits.

You don’t have to take it, anymore. We’ll see you out in space.

Saturday 5th EVE TIME:22:00
Mumble Details
Address: voice.eveuniversity.org
Port: 64739


High Sec ganking can be ended, permanently.

While we aren’t likely to end it permanently, we are willing to stand up against it and have some fun.

At the very least we can give pilots options.

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And those options do not come with Mining Permit either.

Play As You Play. (PAYP)

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I missed it. Did you guys record the lecture? I’d love to hear it.

Please record it and post on yt.

I’m not sure if it was recorded, but you can always throw an alt in NEPF and we have training if you are interested.

Did anyone happen to catch the latest Talking in Stations Podcast the other day?

Well it had been said that more guidance is being created for new players in New Eden to guide them with the ins and outs of what most longer term pilots consider common knowledge.

I sort of wondering if there would be a step by step guide to becoming a suicide pvper?

I’m sure one of them could do a tutorial . Zaenis the stream would be good at that.

Or maybe we should do something together to promote each side. That would be fun

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