New Player friendly ganking class - learn to gank and how to avoid being ganked!

The FUNny Newbros presents, in collaboration with Nova Prospects NPSI Community and special guest class coaches, Ganking 101!

  • Who: any pilot that wants to learn how ganking works
  • When: Wednesday 11 November @7:30pm Eve
  • Where: isanamo - YMCA station
  • XUP: Eve-101 in game channel
  • Voice:
  • Class moderator: Princess Abbie (any questions either eve mail me or message on our discord above.

New Eden is a big place and while Concord doesn’t condone one pilot killing the other in High Sec space, it can and does happen. In fact, this is a complete style of game play within Eve Online.

We know it sucks when it happens to you (I lost a bouquet of flowers in a hauling gank!! Still mad…) so while you’ll be taught HOW to gank, we’re also making sure you get the knowledge of how to increase the chances of avoiding a future gank!

This class will cover the following topics:

  • how to create an alpha account w/SP training plan
  • talk about best ship for ganking
  • talk about what makes the best target
  • how to spot a gank that’s about to occur
  • how to avoid getting ganked yourself

Additionally, this class will have a practical!
We’ll have some suicide catalysts to hand out to those that want to try their hand at ganking (you don’t have to, if you cant make it to the discord class, you can watch the streams instead so you don’t miss out!)
If you want to participate, create a new alpha account. Information here:


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