PVP TRAINING ACADEMY - New Eden Police Force


Do you wanna learn the pro tricks of PVP? interested in lerning the basics? Tired of NPC & wanna go shoot REAL players?
We dedicate our gametime to help others in the art of PVP.
Get the BEST PVP training for both ALPHA&OMEGA accounts and become a PRO PVPer!

We offer:

* Fully Fitted PVP training 100% FREE SHIPS all races.
* 1 mill ISK startup help
* Setup & skill guidance
* Module analysis
* The theory behind PVP
* PVP Training missions
* REAL PVP operations

Several weekly operations (between 19 and 23 EVE time) and weekend Camps for HEAVY training.

Get the best out of your EVE account & enter the realm of PVP with us.

We are waiting for yah!

Mail Ingame for more info.

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