Fancy PvP, but you don't know how yet?

The GCE22 is a PvP training corp that offers you everything you need to fly in PvP fleets. We have been building this competence since February 2022 and are constantly developing it. Training with us will enable you to fly in alliance fleets as a full member, and also in public and 0.0 fleets to fulfill all the requirements that are asked of you.

We are looking for:
>> Fighter pilots and those who want to become one <<
- for a longer term relationship
- Alpha as well as Omega players

We offer:
>> Extensive training from the start <<
 - Regular PvP, PvE and industry content
- Experience and many tips for pilots
- An environment in which old hands and beginners can develop
*Industry [mining/production/transportation/trade].

What we don't need:
>> Drama <<

About Us:
 >> We Operate from HighSec <<
- in HighSec, LowSec, 00 and WH
- German and English speaking administration
- In European time zone (close to EvE time)
- We remove inactive players from our ranks again


Nothing is as warm as a punch in the face <<<<

In addition to a pre-drawn training plan, there are also, upon request, explanations to common questions about PvP.

Prior achievements such as a certain number of skill points or basic skills in PvP are not required. The ships in the first phases of the training are geared towards low skills and budgets. The next course starts in the 41 calendar week, a poll on the exact date is still running and votes can still be taken.

The current main instructor Maximus Xiius | Character | zKillboard

New PvP basic training course starts this Sunday

Lets Join :wink:

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