GANK WATCH: Uedama / Niarja gate cams

Hi All,

We wanted to advertise the corp a bit, and came up with the idea to offer a useful service as part of that.

We came up with this its a stream of the most ganked gates in new eden, so pilots with single accounts hauling things around, can check them before they proceed.

If its popular and we get positive feedback, we will keep it going.

Let us know, and if you have some experience of twitch or streaming and can think of ways to improve it, let us have it.

Thanks all.


Thanks for a good laugh! The Eve map shows number of ships destroyed as a built-in filter. You cannot cure “lazy” by offering new tools.


do it in tama to


people here have a lot of fetishes
pvp vs pve
i don’t get it
whatever floats your boat

well its a bit different, as people have to travel those systems to get anywhere in empire :wink: checking ships destroyed is good, but eyes is king.

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Uedama works too. Looks like goons are done shooting freighters for the day. Still, the stream is really cool while it lasts good job.

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And since alpha accounts can have control of the safety button and gank, alpha accounts can be used for “eyes”. Fair is fair.

Did you fit tank on your twitch feed ships?


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I think the twitch stream is great and all, but the zoom is set a little close, could you perhaps zoom out?

I like this idea, kudos for doing it and keeping it up.
Is there any way a common man like myself can help you keeping up or expanding this public service?

Kind Regards,
Alim Khan

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