Busy in Uedama

This is really information for new players and situationally unawear players ,Uedama is a hot spot for gankers please use the channel gank-intel to see it’s situation , last weekend we had around 100 gankers hitting targets of all types , people who listened docked up in sys before and after Uedama,
At times we had around 10 anti-gankers so not much we could do but we stopped an early gank and stopped them getting some loot .

So use Gank-intel more and fly safe.

These days they need these large numbers to be successful, when we have good size fleet we can stop them but we need more guns on the ground, so next time they have a large build up in Uedama ,come and join in and shoot some gankers .


Use wormholes.

You can go from Jita to Amarr in just few jumps. Not always, but I see those high sec wormholes fairly often around Jita.


Can’t you simply use those pochven filaments now to ping to pochven then back to near your desired destination?

This is the exact response James would have wanted. Anti-gankers rising up and banding together.


It is also an option, but a bit riskier than high to high connection.

Yesterday I found a WH in Sobaseki, 1 jump from Jita, that led to a system 2 jumps away from Dodixie. Few days ago there was wormhole just 2 jumps from Jita that led directly to a high sec system 5 jumps from Amarr. All high sec.

I am not doing so much scanning, and I found them, so there must be more of them around.


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