Saving a freighter in Uedama with one ship

The other day, I saved an Obelisk in Uedama with nothing more than a T1 Frigate and a simple tactic.

All you have to do is figure out where the gankers are going to warp to, wait for them to attack and use an ECM burst to take out their DPS before they can kill their target. They lose their target locks, get Concorded and the freighter lives.

I wrote about it on the NEPF Blog here.

If there’s any AG in Uedama who feel that their efforts aren’t working, all you need is the right ship for the job.

Why not try it out for yourself?


Yep. Someone tell @Cilla_Cybin


Cause according to her AGing is so hard. You can do it frigs man.

People just gotta learn how to EVE. Ganking is a very specialized form of PvP. So the counter-plays are also specialized and may only work in high sec.

Just gotta think outside the box.


Why would anybody want to save somebody else’s Obelisk?

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I could mine, I could mission, I could explore, I could join a Nullsec alliance… Instead, I antigank. This is simply the part of the game that I enjoy.


A nice start to our blog Felix

Now some of our adventures can be written about and not get derailed by trolls.

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@Aiko_Danuja as an experienced blogger as you are, what do you think of our efforts :policeman:

for simply being nice , have you ever heard of being nice, you know it’s hard to do nice thing s in the real world but it is very easy to do nice things to other people in video game s


I was sitting on the Sivala gate in my Imicus, my manly bulge protruding from my tight, standard-issue NEPF trousers.


You know exactly what I think.


:smiley: :point_up_2:manly bulge

I didn’t even read it tbh till now.

Dude, the bulge thing kinda kills everything. It screams small pepe energy.

You def need a better publicist.

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Is this the beginning of the ganker-antiganker blog wars? :thinking:

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I’m not sure “saving” an AFK autopiloter represents a good deed at all.


Hunting the hunter always seems fun. Im sure there are people who hunt the hunters who are also hunting the hunters

And then who’s going to hunt those guys?

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absolutely agree. All it does is reinforce to that player that its ok to be AFK.

He wasn’t AFK. He posted in local when he saw the catalysts and mailed me directly after it happened. Regardless, it’s not my job to pick and choose who’s worth saving. I was there to stop ganks, and I stopped a gank.


This attitude is why we pre-shrunk Felix’s trousers, before we issued his uniform.
A credit to The Force


Ew. Again I wouldn’t push that angle. It just makes it cringy and creepy, and that’s coming from a fellow dude.

It def isn’t a good look for your outfit.

I get you’re trying to RP and trying to ride the semi-serious, semi funny line that Aiko does. But the bulge thing just makes it veer into creepy incel neckbeard land.

You guys are 0 for 2 right now. You need a better PR person.


Looks like that is the end of freighter ganking.

Now you can mine, mission, explore, or join a Nullsec alliance

You care what she thinks? Admit it, anti ganking is an effort to gain Aiko’s approval.
Secretly you would love to fly into battle alongside Princess Aiko.

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I think it comes down to a cultural divide… Felix, Githany and myself hail from 3 corners of the Great British Empire…
I’m afraid that our sense of humour may be lost on some colonial types