WOW! Just....WOW!

Check out this gank:

I wasnt even AFK. I was warping to zero along my way to my destination.

I was ganked by 18 clones. Damn, they were fast. Earned 18 kill rights.

Lost a 1.7 bill isk courier contract. On the bright size, no loot survived.

I dropped my guard because it was a 0.5 system As much as I fly through low-sec, I should have known better

Lesson learned. Now to recover my losses…:frowning_face:

Edit: Killmail



Sorry to hear that.

Hope you are ok

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Well, I wasnt podded but aside form a bruised ego and isk wallet, it’s all good. I’m just amazed of how it was done. From now on, Im cloaking in 0.5 systems.


Unfortunately it’s an exploit that CCP endorses and many players take advantage of. Annoying.

Problem is industrialists don’t even have a defence against that nonsense.


Now that you mention it, do industrialists have proper representation in the CSM? It seems we are the bastard children of EVE. Never get any new skins, no pirate faction industrial ships. The courier contract screen is a joke (security setting is pointless if the route takes you through low/null). I really like hauling and industry, but I dont feel we are well loved.


It’s not an exploit.

Defense is not complicated, there is not a problem.

Uedama and Niarja are chokepoints along heavily-trafficed trade routes and are widely known for this sort of gameplay.

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Why is this in New Citizens Q&A?

Just a gank of a not new player.


Becuase 8 months into EVE, I still feel like a NOOB.

My only defense in that situation would have been to cloak as soon as I jumped into the system. Not many options available for such situations, and congestion of a system doesnt excuse it. Granted, it’s fair play in EVE.

The perfect defence was already fitted and the OP even stated in the original post that they’ll cloak in a 0.5 system in future.

MWD/cloak would have completely avoided this gank.

Not defenceless, Just complacent.


MWD/cloak is an unintended and such a complex maneuver (timing is everything) that it should be standard mechanics for transports. (Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth begin):innocent:


…and WTF are you carrying that much? Don’t you follow the x6 rule (EHP x 6 = max ISK value to haul).

You also seem to lose a lot of these heavily loaded ships; maybe you need a new tactic?

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I’ll do you one better mjd/cloak

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Cloak is a great defense for a t2 hauler, as you know. Once it’s caught…yeah, you’re in trouble.

Bet you your type of ship and the fact you were not cloaking was noted and your cargo scanned before you got to Uedama for your gank party.

Multiboxing a gank team isn’t an exploit as long as each one is individually controlled.

Sucks but don’t feel too bad.

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Like I said, Im a noob. Never heard of the x6 rule. And Im adjusting my tactics all the time. My survivability has improved, but like I said…these surprises just kick my butt.

That actually works? :thinking:

I had some corpie test it few months ago and it worked.
We were debating how you deal with pesky dictors if you have to and that came up

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Yep…also if you are a big keener and fly the same routes often, create BMs straight out from gates at about 250-500kms so there is not alignment needed to warp to a point. Same for all stations…

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Out of curiosity I submitted a ticket explaining this situation just in case it is found that the player used an exploit. Im still trying to figure out how 18 accounts can be controlled in such manner that all 18 fired at me at the same time. It may go nowhere, but no harm in checking.

I’ll post the results of the ticket.