Give haulers an edge...some thoughts

These ideas came from this thread…

I’m a hauler, so I dont play an offensive pew-pew game. I am constantly playing defense.

Every gank is a learning experience, but some defensive tools are needed to balance things out IMO:

The EVE Map:


But why is looking at the map difficult (as you appear to know the relevant source)? You are playing a space trucker in this case, so you should plan your route properly.


Personally I find the map overly complex and overwhelming when I open it. It reminds me of those huge highway maps that would fold out all over the place. UGH!!
Besides, maps are so 20th century. No one uses maps anymore IRL. Everything is GPS based…even for truckers. Perhaps EVE needs a mini-map like other MMOs implement on their main screen. Or better yet, have the minimap available only for Transports and Blockade runners. All the ships are different but all the cockpits look alike. Give the haulers an edge and a unique tool in the defensive game.


Warping uncloaked as a High Value Target through the game’s number one ganking choke point. What could go wrong?


“And how would I know that? You know the fancy upgrade CCP gave the jump gates recently? It would be nice if it also displayed the traffic and recent pod kills in the area as well for a visual. That data is available via the map, but why dig through a map when you can easily display a number/color scheme on the jumpgate holograms?”

I like their legend…


0 kills at gates in system in the past hour
2 kills or less at gates in system in the past hour
3 kills or more at gates in system in the past hour
smartbomb kills at gates in system in the past hour
hic/dictors used at gates in system in the past hour

Why cant we have this data displayed on the jump gate holograms?


MWD/cloak would have completely avoided this gank.

Not defenceless, Just complacent.


MWD/cloak is an unintended and such a complex maneuver (timing is everything) that it should be standard mechanics for transports. (Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth begin):innocent:

But personally, I believe the concept of fun “game play” is a little off with CCP. I mean, originally I remember when skills were set up one at a time with no queue (people would set alarm clocks so as to not burn any time after a skill was complete) and you had to upgrade your clone whenever you got podded in order not to lose skill points. Then came the 24hr skill queue. That was considered “game-play.” More like monotonous busy work IMO, but as you see those things have passed.

Blockade Runners need a boost aside from tank considering they offer no offensive capabilities. At the very least have them immune to warp scramble. If a pirate gang wants your goods, let them earn it by trying to pop you before you warp off. Now THAT is game play and puts the ball in their court.

Content vs Quality game-play.

A marriage analogy:
You can have a fun and interesting marriage even if your household has very little furniture and items.


You can have a depressing and miserable marriage even if your household is chock-full of furniture, swimming pools, luxuries and whatnots.

Gaming is much like a marriage and what makes it a success is not so much the amount of content, like in marriage no.2 but in interesting and fun game play like in marriage no.1.

When game makers focus too much on content and ignore evolving gameplay, you end up like marriage no.2. Staying together just for the kids. Or in the case of EVE, staying together because you have invested so much time and money into it…but are not really happy and left hoping for the best.

Do haulers have proper representation in the CSM? It seems we are the bastard children of EVE. Never get any new skins, no pirate faction industrial ships. The courier contract screen is a joke (security setting is pointless if the route takes you through low/null). I really like hauling and industry, but I dont feel we are well loved.

-Fly Safe

Blockade runners have a covert ops cloak, PLUS decent tank, PLUS great align time.
If you want warp scramble resistance PLUS basically ungankable tank then use a DST

If you suddenly give DST bonuses to blockade runners, what would be the point of ever using DST’s? They have similar prices but the blockade runner can use cov ops cloaks

Pirate faction industrial ships don’t really make too much sense, oh look i have a serpentis neureus that gets a 50% web bonus and slightly better guns? Pirate faction ships each have their own bonuses, and none of them really apply to industrials except maybe for baiting

For ganking chokepoints, have you tried not flying through them? Sure, it takes double maybe even triple the time to fly to your destination, but that’s the price you pay for safety. You can’t have fast and easy routes AND have them safe too.

Also if you’re having trouble using a blockade runner to get through lowsec, try using a jump freighter instead. It’s basically immune to everything as long as you keep your cyno nearby.

No they dont.

Also if you’re having trouble using a blockade runner to get through lowsec, try using a jump freighter instead. It’s basically immune to everything as long as you keep your cyno nearby.

Cyno requires a willing friend or an alt account. Both of which I dont have nor should be required to accomplish this.

Buddy, your loss was a DST loss. The gallente blockade runner is the viator here’s the first one i found, has a cov ops cloak

So basically, since you don’t have an alt or a friend the game should be tailored towards individuals so that as an individual it’s easier for you to use your DST in safety. DSTs can fit a 1m EHP tank, especially the armour tanked ones. If you didn’t fit warp stabs and cap chargers you easily would’ve survived

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Apologies. Im getting the terms “Blockade Runner” and Transports" mixed up. Im referencing the Occator.

Again, it comes down to “game play.” If I cant do something because Im dependant on an alt account or an unreliable ally, then there isnt much “playing” going on.

Most of your observations come from not knowing how to play. Clearly you are not using the map correctly or you would have taken an alternate route.

Bottom line is no changes are needed, the game doesn’t have to be changed when people make mistakes.

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This is the Player Features & Ideas section, right?

Not the “am I playing this game right?” section.

I know change can be scary, but really?

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So you want to play against other players, in this case 18, and you feel it is your right to be victorious?

Talk about self centered and selfish.


So you want to play against other players, in this case 18, and you feel it is your right to be victorious?

Talk about self centered and selfish.

Your comment adds nothing conducive to this conversation, and personal attacks are not warranted.

Yes, but your ideas are bad and as was pointed out come from not knowing how to play.

Yes, but your ideas are bad and as was pointed out come from not knowing how to play.

Bad or good is a matter of personal opinion.

So pointing out that you are insisting you win against 18 other players is just an insult?

You lost, fair and square, plus you made mistakes, put on your big girl pants and move on.

Again, you are making this personal, which adds nothing to the topic.

Like just look at this fit:

Improved Cloaking Device II

Medium Micro Jump Drive
50MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive

Corpus X-Type Armor EM Hardener
Corpus X-Type Armor Thermal Hardener
Corpus X-Type Armor Explosive Hardener
Corpus X-Type Armor Explosive Hardener
400mm Steel Plates II
Damage Control II

Medium Trimark Armor Pump II
Medium Trimark Armor Pump II

Without implants this pulls 226k EHP

If you still need more tank, an impel with maxtank and a ton of bling can pull about 1m EHP with a full slave set


Thank You. Saving fit.

It is not personal, it is about the kill mail YOU linked.

You continue to add absolutely nothing to this thread. Quit while you’re behind.

I’m wondering what feature or an idea you are suggesting? From your opening post I couldent fathom this out, even though I read it multiple times. You do know that you are posting in a forum section that requires the threads to have an feature or idea? Maybe you should try the “general discussion” section instead.
As for your topic of hauling, its as old as the game, just search these forums or google and you will find that countless players who have no idea how to haul properly have made these topics since 2003.

When it comes to the CSM bit, theres currently atleast 2 members on it that have extencive experience from hauling and industry, altho they dont see any problem with the curent state of hauling when it comes to ganking.