Saving a freighter in Uedama with one ship

Fredrick Vonhole - the man, the myth, the legend.


Nah bro. You’re talking to a lifetime Python fan amongst a lot of other British things.

Its just cringe.

There’s a reason why no one is laughing bro.

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My apologies, I didn’t realise we had a lifetime Python fan in our midst. If someone like you didn’t find one of the jokes funny, I’d say it’s about time we delete the site.


As I said, you can do whatever you want. But you’ll just keep falling flat and have no buy in.

Python you aren’t bro :smiley:

Also, your friend is the one trying to claim lost in translation. However, it just isn’t the case.

It isn’t funny mate, its just cringe. You should actually be paying me for boosting this thread cause without me in here generating this content for ya’ll, you’d have no more engagement on this post :smiley:


You sound like someone else now, keep in the Gix character please

It is always me. All snark aside tho, you need to get your house in order.

Figure out your RP doctrine and stick to it, or don’t.

But if ya don’t, don’t expect people to play along.

Past couple of days ya’ll been looking real cringe. You want to correct that sooner rather than later.

Cut them some slack. Anti ganking has always been cringe. These guys are sticking to the brand.

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You like that word right now “cringe” it’s been popping up a lot .

Thxs for your concern about our activities and actions, but like I said nothing’s changed criminals and gankers will be hunted. It’s what we’re always doing , except at coffee and doughnut break’s.:doughnut::coffee:

I do feel that The gentleman doth protest too much, methinks , taking a line out of Shakespeare and we all know what that means.

Not really. I blap people I wanna blap. Always have.

I mean you don’t gotta listen. Its just advice after all.

The problem is you are attempting to RP a moral high ground, but your in-game and internet actions are saying other wise.

That is what is generating the conflict for ya’ll.

Kowalski !

I think the real question that needs to be answered here is……….

Can you hit F1 with the bulge? And if so is that an exploit? CCP need to weigh in on this

We changed things around and removed the F1 key

Like our notepad trick but the above is secret so no F1 for us

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Love it haha

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meep -

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