So today I got a well deserve gank by safety

Hello there,

as the title said I got ganked pretty damn good. Which is quite aright I didnt pay attention and I deserved it fully. To my question tho they warped with a fleet of 8 into a veldspar asteroid and shot with 9000 m/s speed into me and bumped me off warp got the kill. Has anyone heard of this before ? I never saw such a thing.


9k? What were they flying?

You should not have brought that permit…

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It sounds to me like what he’s saying is that the fleet warped inside the radius of an asteroid, and they were ‘bumped’ out of the asteroid at a high velocity, though I can not be sure and I have never heard of such a thing being done before.


It used to be able to be done back in the day. Its how peeps make super deep safes.

I’ve heard of getting bumped out of objects before, so it doesn’t surprise me that people can get bumped out after they warp into asteroids.

What surprises me is that those 8 ships managed to all land in such a spot that they were all bumped in just the right direction and speed to bump your ship out of warp yet stay in range to kill it.

If that is even possible, I would think it very unlikely.

Can you clarify a bit more about the gank? It’s not this character, so could you tell us the ships the gankers used and which ship(s) did the bumping?

Also, as you say you weren’t paying a lot of attention, is it possible the 9000km/s was their speed while decelerating out of warp to land exactly on top of you because of a cloaked alt or combat probes? That would be a more likely scenario I think.


I have not looked at Gix’s post as I have him blocked, but I would think that the ganker scout bookmarked a roid which he was next to and warped the fleet to that. They could have bounced but the chance of hitting the mining barge like that seems remote and I doubt it was anywhere near the speed suggested.

I would also suggest that there is a question mark on this loss/kill as there is no record of it on this players killboard, though it could have been a mining alt.

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Super deep safes were made by slingshotting, not bouncing out of objects.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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ROFL :smiley:

As with all such threads, there’s likely a significant degree of dissonance between what the person thinks they saw happen, and what actually did happen.


That is a good idea. Gix is a useless troll and trash at the game.

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Hey you’re back :smiley: Did you finish controlling that hole solo or

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Gix is permanently tempblocked for 13 seconds for [ERROR: INVALID #DEFINE].


*** STOP: 0x00000000 (0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0X41696B6F)

Possible caused by: Aiko.dll

Beginning dump of physical memory.
Physical memory dump FAILED with status 0x676E6B64.


When I was ganking the STFU alliance on their LowSec moons in Solitude, it would often happen if I warped to a bookmarked rock or a bookmark too close to a rock.

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These self-made propaganda posts using alts here and on reddit by Safety. CODE. et al are just… I don’t think there’s a word to describe the level of cringy transparent obviousness… if that’s a word.

Reminds me of the fake ALODs put together by g**ns on the old m****ni . com for fake content.

So obvious. So sad…


How do you post an empty reply :thinking:

Sadly, based upon my experience with fellow New Edeners, there is a large chance this is in fact a real person.

Who do you think are the alts, and of whom?