Cheat or noob? What happened to me?

This happened to me:
I was lined up towards the void, with MDW turned on 2000km away from the enemy station; the enemies were at 2400 km from me, I kept an eye on them in the overview, how is it possible that about 10 of them have warped to zero on me?
There were no wrecks, no cans, nothing to warp about
The only coincidence is that they had a boobkmark just where I was, but it’s a remote hypothesis because my bookmark didn’t intercept any line, it aligned with nothing, mine was a bookmark in the random space.
Possibility of a chaet?
Tell me there is a ship that clocked can do 2000km fast enough, it would be better …
Tell me there is a correct explanation, I have seen too many games fail because of cheats

Combat Probes.

Ships can be scanned just like signatures and then can be warped to. Just using different probes.

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I suppose in your case it didn’t take that much time :wink:


thank you


I’m a f***** noob

No you are not.
f****** noobs don´t ask (and try to get better understand), they cry salty tears.
Maybe some kind of evolved noob ?


A newb still trying to learn the mechanics, maybe ? That’d be a good name for people starting :thinking:


It is pretty easy to scan people down, you have to be moving all the time if you didn’t get caught

Some say you can scan the new destination before the ship arrives :slight_smile:

Looks like you got your answers @Rum_Lomphk when you’re done, have this thread archived (ask an ISD to lock it down). Ultimately, I’d propose you ask in the in-game Help Channel whenever you need quick replies, up to you ofc.

thank you all for the answers, now I have clearer ideas. You have all been very kind

Dude, we have all been there…don’t be hard on yourself.

Lick your wounds and learn from it and next time, profit from that type of attack. :wink:

GL and fly safe…

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