Combat Probes on Grid

There is a similar but non-identical topic that is time locked before anyone asks. If a Tactical Destroyer with combat probes sees something on the overview more than 150 km away, can he just center probes on his ship, get a lock, and then warp to 0 on that guy? So like he can pick out a logi pilot who fell behind the main DPS ships. Or know that a guy likes to use railguns, so he warps to him, activates propulsion mode, and then goes “na na na na na” while the target is unable to effectivly fight back? Or maybe he can warp a squad to a group of Prophecies and a Onerios who warped to a bookmark more than 150 km away from a gate, and then find out this was a tremendously stupid idea because they warped to 0 on a bunch of ships with HAMs?

I don’t understand how this could possibly not work. What is your question/doubt?

I’m just wondering if I got the procedure right

If they are in a mission or behind a gate, warp will bring you to the gate and not to the pilot directly

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Yes, it‘s possible, and one of the really nice tactics. I can be in warp to you in an ideal situation within 8s of decloak. The new “center on you” feature for probes makes it much faster nowadays, drop probes (1s), center (1s), scan (6s), warp.

I use the on grid probes for spear fishing with my Hecate in fights … cruising around a fight scene or waiting tethered, cycling probes and jump on ships leaving their swarm. Like a shark or bird. This is super fun.

It must be fun :sweat_smile:

Unless you pick someone who has drones and HAMs who will thank you for warping to 0.

As always pick your prey wisely. :slight_smile:


Yes he can.

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I learned something new tonight.

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IIRC, you only need one probe too.

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