Question about Probe Scanning

Is it possible to scan down the location of another ship based on the location of their scanner probes if the ship you are trying to find is cloaked? This would assume that the ship in question is still within the 2000-2500 m range of their launched probes and has not moved away from them?

You wont be scanning down a signature that you can warp to but you can definitely get a rough idea of where they are and position your probes so that you can quickly scan them down once they uncloak.


Thanks for the info…when I set down probes I’ll be sure to move a ways away from them from now on. 8)

A scanner probe on grid is an juicy invitation for a hunter to approach it and see if anything decloaks. When you manually move probes around the chances of it landing on-grid is nigh-impossible, they know the “center on self” button was pressed.

Especially if you’re doing this anywhere that isn’t at a safe bookmark (eg: wormhole, gate, celestial, etc) they just have to d-scan and find where the on-grid probe is.

You can’t probe other scanner probes, you can warp to them if you see one on grid, by right-click bookmark, and then warp. I recently killed a scanner who throw out probes from a gate ping without moving. Seeing the cluster after jumping gate, I warped to a probe and then moved to the center of the cluster … and bingo.

Warping to your own probes let you also do other interesting tricks, like warping in front of fast moving ships, or creating gate pings without burning.

There’s some goombah who lives in my system and literally sits on station, drops probes, and does his scanning right there, 2km from the station, drifting lazily.

For context, the same guy tried to take on a Serpentis Dreadnaught in a magnate.


He’ll learn…eventually or maybe not and find another game to play.

Thanks, this is great info.

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