Question about going into anomalies without probe launcher

Hi, got a noob question. I see people on pvp videos flying around looking for people to kill and they have list of anomalies in the system that they are in that they can warp to and catch people, however they do not have probes with them. Do they pvp in the area that they already explored in an exploration ship previously and anomalies never change location or how does it work?

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In Eve Parlance, Anomalies are always warpable and indicated by green markers on your compass and in space.

The red markers are signatures and can’t be warped to unless probed down first. Once probed down, you can save the warpin as a bookmark. You do not have to visit the site at all to save the warpin, and it can be traded or sold.

Both anomalies and signatures disappear when completed, and spawn in random locations and random times, exempting ice anomalies that respawn 4 hours in the same system when completely depleted, and certain other ore anomalies spawned by infrastructure hubs in sov null.

Players warping into a signature without having probes could have scanned them down at any point prior. They can use the Directional Scanner to determine if someone is in a anomaly/signature by narrowing the scan cone so they can be aware of exactly when they should pounce on their target without having ever visited the anomaly itself prior to that time.

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So if they did scan them at any point prior, that anomaly will remain there until somebody completes it after which it will disappear so after exploring it the pvpers just wait for somebody else to go in there while d scanning it?

Also, these anomalies that I can warp to without probes, is there a way to put them into overview?

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Yes, the anomaly/signature remains until completed, or at least for a very long time. Long enough to make scanning signatures ahead of time practical. Scan probes also appear on D-Scan giving a potential attacker a heads up that someone is trying to pin it down.

There are other options, such as sitting in a cloaked ship and reshipping into a combat vessel. The exact methods people use to hunt vary by personal preference and experience. The above is just one viable method I can think of.

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Well yes makes sense. so what about the other anomalies that you said will be indicated green that I can warp to without scanning them down. I see them in space when I turn my camera but is there a way to put them into overview because I dont seem to find a label for them in overview setting like asteroid belts for example.

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Use the probe scanner interface to warp to the anomalies. You do not need a probe launcher fit to use this interface, only to actually scan down a signature. Signatures and anomalies will be presented to you in a list, and anomalies will already be warpable.

That I know of, you can not add them to the overview.


Thanks for your help Qia.

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