Cosmic Anomalies Without Probes

I vaguely remember the first tutorial mission I was shown how to find certain anomalies that didn’t need probes to find. So is it just open the probe scanner and see if anything managed to get a signal without probes? Is there any significance to this window being the same window as the D-scanner?

Not exactly.

Opening the probe scan window will show things like some combat sites and ore sites that don’t otherwise show on Overview.

But, there may be other anomalies that will only show using scanner probes.

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Just to clarify, there are cosmic anomalies and cosmic signatures. All of them show up in the probe scanner window, however anoms start off as green, and can immediately be warped to, while (s)ignatures need to be (s)canned down with core scanner probes first.

Anoms typically have much worse rewards than combat signatures, but they’re typically easier to run, and can give you escalations -which is kind of like your own personal cosmic sig. Of course, your ship can still be scanned down with combat probes while you’re running an escalation.

IIRC, ore anoms are no longer available in HS.

The probe scanner window and the D-scan window are two separate windows. The probe scanner window is used to help you find “exploration” sites, while D-scan functions more as an intel tool. It’s most frequently used for things like watching to see if any players are warping in on you, or to see if any players or bubbles are on a gate before warping to it. However, it can also be used for thing like checking to see if someone else is already running a site, and how far along they are (set the filter to show wrecks).

Hope that helps. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
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Has anyone noticed the lack of Cosmic Anomalies lately? I’ve flown in the last 2 days, around various systems in Sinq Liason and Essence and haven’t seen a single anomaly that I can warp to. Up till a few days ago, there were loads of Serpentis Hideaways, Dens, Refuges etc that I’d happily run but now, nothing at all.

Yep, appreciate that they don’t spawn in every system but a run of at least 10 - 15 systems in a circle would at least show one or 2 on the overview.

NVM - an update must have decided to switch my option off on the sensor overlay, turned back on and now they appear!

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