Scan Probe Window

Is there any way to reset the scan results window completely? Can I set it back to default settings?
I’m not sure what exactly I did wrong, I tried to just have relevant results for combat probes; drones, wrecks, etc., instead of everything core probes show.
When I launch combat probes, only drones show up and not the wrecks around them. I do have ships and drones checked on, and cosmic sigs off.
At one point after each scan, everything would flash and immediately disappear. I had to quickly click on one for anything to show up at all.
I do notice that there isn’t a box next to the filter options any more, it disappeared when everything went wrong.
I don’t think I hit ignore all results, mostly because I’m not sure what all it will ignore.
Thanks in advance.

Wrecks can’t be scanned with probes, and you need Cosmic sigs as that is what your are scanning. There are 2 types of signatures: Anomalies, which does not need to be scanned; Cosmic Signatures, which is required to be scanned prior to you gaining the ability to warp to them.

What it will do is; remove all Cosmic Signatures from your Probe Window, should you have done this by accident you can get them back by “show ignored” or something along those lines.

So combat probes only scan down drones and ships, but not wrecks?
I can vaguely see wrecks in d-scan but if there isn’t a drone around I won’t be able to scan them with combat probes?
I know I didn’t put combat in the header but the combat probe window is what I’m asking about.

Indeed, the way to “scan down” wrecks is to scan down whomever is making those wrecks, or any left behind drones or MTU.

Ok, thanks for the response’s.

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