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I’m told that I need to ‘watch D-scan constantly…’, stay aware, etc. – but D-scan does not show cloaked ships, correct? And some cloaked ships can warp while cloaked…so how is one to be ‘aware’ of invisible ships that can warp to my current location?

Will the pilot show in local, even when cloaked?
Can cloaked ships run scans?

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Correct, Cloaked ships do not show up on dscan, this includes gate cloak if they just jumped into system.

Some ships can warp while cloaked using a Covert Ops Cloaking device (which differs from a normal cloaking device), and only certain ships have access to this module, such as Stealth Bombers and Covert Ops ships. There is no way to know if they are there unless they uncloak.

All pilots in system will show up in local chat, including cloaked ships (with the exception of wormhole space, where no one shows up in local chat unless they type in it.

And yes, cloaked ships can both scan using their Directional scanner and use core probes and combat probes (provided that they launched the probes before they cloaked).


One point to add here. While dscan isn’t a 100% guarantee of safety (nothing in EVE is), there are still some things that you can watch for depending on what you are doing in dangerous space.

As mentioned watching local is important, as you can see who is coming and going. One really important thing to watch for on dscan is not just ships, but combat probes. If you see those come out, and if they seem to be getting closer to you, somebody is hunting you and it’s time to bail out of what you’re doing and get to safety.

Of course, if you are at a warpable anomaly, like a data site, then the hunter can warp to that cloaked (or be camped there waiting for you) with no probes needed, so looking for probes won’t keep you completely safe either, but these things can help you mitigate that risk.


Also another important thing to note is that Combat Recon Cruisers (like the Curse) also have a special bonus that makes them invisible on Dscan.


Everyone posted correct info which is contained in this Uniwiki page.



They have to uncloak to lock you and fire; if you’re quick enough on D-Scan you might have time to warp off before they can tackle you. If you’re doing something stationary, at least stay aligned to a warp point to help yourself get out if you need to.


In wormholes, someone arriving in the system you are in will be visible for about 3 seconds while they activate their cloak.

So if you are in range of the wormhole, dscaning frequently is good to check whether someone just entered your system.


If you’re stationary you are not aligned. The direction your ship faces has 0 effect on your align time, only your vector (direction AND velocity) effects align time. Passive aligning (facing your ship toward a warpable while stationary) is an old wives tail.

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Thanks for the update!

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