List of ships immune to D-Scan?

Is there a list of ships that are immune to D-Scan? I know some of the recon ships are, but I thought there were others as well.

only the four combat recon ships have the DscanImmune flag set to 1


Like Anderson Geten said, only the 4 combat recons are dscan immune.

On top of that, any ship that has an activated cloak will not show up on your D-Scan either. And if it’s a CovOps cloak they might even have warped just behind you right now.


Ok, thank you.

two additional comments:

  1. covert ops can warp cloaky to you, but when they decloak, they have a several seconds delay before being able to lock you, except bombers
  2. you can also anchor up a scan inhibitor close to your ship, which will prevent your ship from being seen on dscan (but the scan inhib itself will be seen on dscan)

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