Why don't I detect some ships with my dscan?

I have checked all the “Ship” section in my d-scan filter to detect players when I am exploring. But when I check “all” I can see players ships that I don’t see with my “Ships” filter :

When I edited the screen I just realized that I was in a FW place, and now I remember that there is also a specific status for FW ships in the list, I think in “Entity”. Is that the reason ? Should I check all of them for my safety ?

the ship moved out of range in between you changing filters.

I am pretty sure this is not the case. Any other explanation ?

A ship can be off D-Scan for many reasons. Some recons are immune to D-Scan, some people fit cloaks to regular ships, others have safes out of D-Scan range. A person could dock in a station or citadel and get off of D-Scan.

In the case of the Ares, a lot of people that fit them as travel ceptors also put cloaks on to use as eyes or just cloak when they need to go afk on a long trip so that could be it.

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My d-scan do detect them, I’m almost sure it is a filtering issue but I don’t know exactly which objects I should filter to maximize my safety

It could just be a ship passing by while in warp.
One moment they enter the 14 AU range, another moment they are outside of the 14 AU range.

The thing is… D-scan is not infallible. Far from it.
It comes with a series of limitations ranging from…

  • unable to see cloaked ships
  • some ships are immune to D-Scan
  • it does not distinguish between an active player ship and a ship that has been “abandoned” (either in a “safe spot” or in the shields of a POS)
  • it does not distinguish between ships in warp and those not in warp
  • … well… range… it can’t see things beyond a certain point (~14 AU)
  • Some combination of the above

I also recall that D-Scan will use the active filters and selections from one’s overview. But don’t quote me on that.
I typically use D-Scan when hunting people, not in many other circumstances.

I’m pretty sure it was not a ship passing by while in warp because I checked it many times in a row, switching between the two filters and I saw several ships EVERY TIME in “All”, and NEVER in “Ships”.

What about my suggestion concerning the FW filters ?
Are there other filters than those in “Ship” that I should take into account ?

It can, but you also can select different filters. For example I removed probes from my overview because probers like to drop them on the gate to clog up your overview and make it harder to target them. My Dscan settings includes probes because Dscanning them is important.

Today’s challenge was to visit a Landmark.
So I changed one of my tabs to include Landmarks.
But when I was near a landmark nothing showed! :hushed:

The dscan does not necessarily include what your overview does. You have to save the overview tab and then in the dscan window there is a drop down to pick what filters to use. In the drop-down will be the saved overview tab filters as one of the options.

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