Non-cloaked warp paths visible on d-scan

As the title suggests I think it could be useful to have ship warp paths visible on d-scan or some other scanning system available to all players. Cloaked ships should remain invisible.

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Good Idea!!! And while you are at it, why put a beacon on d-scan like on the probe launcher window, so you can just warp to it and make ganking much gooderererer.

Me no can’t look for zee targez. Make mah insta-win now!! Looking is baddh. Make Ship do automatically for me. Zenn make other ship explode when warp to zero. IWIN EVE.


Lol, worth a chuckle.

This is actually an addition to another post in which I suggested curved warping which creates the problem of not being able to know where someone could be warping to in the slightest.

So… you want to take a bad suggestion, then add something easily abused by existing mechanics to make it less bad? Is that the logic?

Remember that a d-scan is just a ping. Plotting a ship’s speed, trajectory, etc, requires triangulation and constant telemetry.

IFF you had said the probe scanner, I might have been a little less negative. But either way, this is a bad idea.


An overview setting which would show anonymous warp trails might be interesting. It would only show “incoming [size] warp trail” (After it landed!) or “Outgoing frigate warp trail” and only stay for a few minutes before disappearing. It wouldn’t show range or direction. It would give scouts something new to play with in quieter space.

Unlike the OP, this I could get behind. It could serve to generate content if you see a warp trail going in a certain direction. Might help to generate content by helping lead pvpers to krabs and other pvp fleets. You know it’s reasonably fresh, and if you see it’s a cruiser trail and you’re in dessies or frigates, GG you can chase them down.

(edit: you could kind of do the same thing as wormholes, make the trail show certain characteristics that would need to be interpreted… yea you can look it up, but a good scout will recognize the trails faster than a bad scout)

On the flip side, good luck ever running from anything ever again. Solo/smallgang PVP would have to be in cepters, otherwise you’d NEVER be able to escape a fleet giving chase if they’ve got fast tackle.

I’d honestly prefer to see it implemented visible on grid, if you’ve turned that “bracket” on (not a bracket, a virtual line/lines in space, but would be turned on and off via brackets).

Common man. You have to keep your own narrative going. According to your usual rants about how ratters being un-catchable, seeing their warp path will only lead you to a tether ring.

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Right, ratters ratting in their home systems are uncatchable (and if we’re being specific, my rants are about ratting carriers being uncatchable), if they’re at all paying attention to intel channels. Or you know… local channel. The odds of even a hyperspatial cepter landing on you, and landing tackle before you warp out are zero if you warp out when they enter local, even if you’re not aligned in a battleship (lets say 12 second align time). They have to find which site you are at, which takes ~5 seconds, say ~2 seconds to get into warp (instawarp), 2 seconds to land, and then they need to lock you within 2 seconds to land tackle. That disregards any travel time in system warping to the site.

If you aren’t paying attention to local, all bets are off.

Then again, ratters aren’t always ratting in their home system. Maybe they’re flying out to run a 10/10, an incursion, maybe they’re just stupid. Either way, at that point they aren’t ratting… they’re gating. At that particular time, docking up becomes a much less routine experience, if they even have somewhere they can dock. Krabs panic when things get different :slight_smile:

People like you are why no actual discussion happens on these forums and the devs read /r/eve instead.

Oh Lugia3,
people like you are the reason EVE became a pay to win game.

Since your curved warp idea is just a straight warp, the problem you think is being created, actually isn’t.

I’m suggesting to add a new useful feature on top of another suggestion that would end some current pvp tactics if not for it. If you’re going to have curved warp you might want to add something to help people find out where someone is warping to.

Well, I did follow d-scan up with “or some other scanning system available to all players” although in it’s current state d-scan is easy and fast to access while having an interface suitable to such a thing. Also, even with a single ping bouncing off an object you can determine it’s distance, size, and speed (given the fact that the ping is hitting the object in different places and times causing multiple pings/waves being received back).

The probe scanner and d-scan now share a very similar interface so I don’t see the advantage to using it seeing as d-scan is more easily available due to not need probes.

The problem you think that I’m thinking of isn’t being created.

In a curved warp you may be aligned in one direction, but warping in the opposite direction. Your ship curves back around in warp towards your destination in any direction no matter where it is. As you can see it can be difficult or impossible to determine someone’s warp destination. This is the reason for visible warp paths.

Except you yourself claimed the aim wasn’t to avoid stop bubbles.

So if the aim isn’t to avoid bubbles, the warp is at 0 degrees of difference to where it would otherwise be. The warp is straight.

Additionally, grids are 10,000+ km radius these days. It’s trivially easy to see where someone warps now.

Much, much easier than it used to be when grids were only ~250km radius.

Correct, that’s not the aim at all. However, if it does than so be it (it all depends on the warp mechanics/math).

Yes, but only at the tail end of the warp. The beginning of the warp would create a relatively large curve/arc eventually straightening out towards the destination. Kind of like a half cuban eight without the 1/8th loop at the end:

Indeed, but what if warp mechanics dictate that the curve/arc should be multiple au’s long/wide?

I feel confident saying, that’s never going to happen.

No, no, no! A bad idea can always be saved by adding more nonsensical Bravo Sierra to it!

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Perhaps not, but I think the feature would be more useful to most than not.

I really haven’t added anything to the idea I’ve only been explaining it.

Why would CCP make the warp curves anyway when the important part of a warp are 2 points. You literally can go agross anything during a warp so there is absolutely no need for curves.

If you want to curve your warp, warp to something in space and then to your actual destination.