Scanning Updates

DScan Module
-Mid Power Slot that allows you to warp to things you D-Scan down to 5 Degree Angle.

When the module is used, it will send a “Ping” down your D-scan 5 degree angle, it will well anything you are scanning that it received a ping. So if a player is down there it will give them a icon or something on screen showing they have been pinged. The ping response is what gives the coordinates for the player to warp in onto. Very Effective Against Wrecks.

When Module used it will also show Cloak objects (T2 Cloaking Devices have built in jammers that will scramble the signal making it undetectable) Normal cloaking devices will just scramble it enough that you cant get a lock to warp into them.

Anti-Scan Module
-Low Power Slot that makes the player unscannable via D-Scan. WILL NOT stop Scanning Probes.

This module is an hull plating addon that makes your hull absorb D-Scans. Making it so no one can use any form of D-Scan to detect you.


Wreck Scanning Probes.
Probes that can be fitted to ether the normal launcher or a new a launcher to Scan down Wrecks.

its a high slot module and called “combat probe”

it actual work like this … but with the high slot module called “combat probe”

no …

no ! there is a reason that only 4 ships has a d-scan immunity

ok, thats accaptable


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