Scanning down wrecks for salvage and clearing DScan

It’s time CCP.

You have an entire playstyle that would benefit the masses by clearing up DScan…

But, NO. Because… why?

What is the issue? Genuinely curious.

I have no wrecks on DScan, unless I specifically change my overview settings to a wrecks only overview and specifically look for wrecks. This is on you, not the game.

I am also against being able to scan wrecks because it would allow people to scan complexes even though you made every reasonable effort to prevent that by leaving it or cloaking so that combat probers cannot find you. If you now have to clear hundreds of wrecks just to prevent someone from scanning your complex, that’s going to be pain in the back for no positive gameplay benefity.


I disagree. It would greatly benefit me and other’s like me.

Make ninja salvaging, looting and baiting mission runners more accessible.

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We had this suggestion quite often in the past. The issue is, that in order to being scannable, each wreck would have to create a “signature”, which means in some missionrunner systems there would be hundreds, if not thousands of signatures in the probe scanner.

A compromise might be to have the first wreck on grid create an invisible “wreckyard” beacon that is scannable and all other additional wrecks on that grid won’t add new signatures. That would at least limit the sig-clutter in the probe scanner. However, in busy PVE-systems we would still be talking about dozens over dozens of such signatures, remember: even the smallest anomaly will turn into a wreckyard-sig for at least 2 hours, every mission, every combat site etc. etc. would each add a wreckyard sig as soon as a single ship explodes in there.

Not really sure if the benefits outweight the hassle that would create.


Oh yes, sure, make it even easier. Because that’s what this activity needs to be: even less challenging.

The issue they’re discussing is that when a ship is destroyed it makes a wreck. These wrecks can show up on a d-scan, but you can’t use probes of any kind (e.g. combat probes) to scan them down to a warpable point like you can with other things that show up in the d-scan window.

Some folk would like to be able to salvage abandoned wrecks, while others don’t want their mission pocket to be scanned down because it contains wrecks. Missions create unique points that only the person who has the mission can warp to, unlike signatures and anomalies that are visible to everyone and can be probed down. One could use combat probes to probe down the ship running the mission, but you can see probes on d-scan and if you find them coming for you then you could leave the pocket or cloak to prevent the pocket from being discovered by a 3rd party. If you have to clean up all wrecks as well (so they can’t be probed down), it makes keeping your pocket safe from 3rd party invasion harder.

Thx. That makes things much clearer. So if i understand correctly some people want to mission in their own private instance of space. And it can be annoying if a scavenger shows up willy nilly. But it seems like this sort of play should be a privilege. And it may be worth exploring Maybe level 4.5 agents that give missions of this kind. But first you have to grind standings or whatever and have to deal with other potential people. Also please treat the MTU like a ship. Please have it protected by CONCORD.

Likely they’re more worried about hunters than they are worried about scavengers. As it stands getting a fix on a mission pocket requires a mission runner to be in the pocket and not cloaked to scan down, but if wrecks can be scanned then any partially completed pocket could potentially be scanned down if it contains one or more wrecks, even if a runner is cloaked or not present inside the pocket, and if it is people of any disposition will be able to interfere with your mission. They can shoot your MTU, if you have one, shoot your mission NPCs, steal mission objectives, kill you if you’re not in highsec, or otherwise try to provoke you into firing on them (typically by going suspect when they attack the MTU) so that you forfeit your CONCORD protection from them and they can come back equipped to kill you.

Whether this is good or bad is not something I care enough about to have an opinion on, but I see why some people would like it, while others would not.

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Hey, just like you, I gotta optimize my isk/hr.

Glad you recognized that!

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If it was just about the loot/wrecks i think they should be scanned. But given the entire mission can be jeopardized i can understand why they have made it so wrecks cant be scanned. It still seems a bit wrong tho.

Nobody cares about that in highsec. Maybe only few players who had their MTU destroyed recently check dscan and if they see probes they scoop the MTU back. But cloaking when someone probes you is unrealistic because NPCs have you targetted most of the time. When I see probes on dscan in lowsec I warp away to safespot and then cloak.

But really nobody cares and ninja salvaging isn’t even a thing anymore. Not sure exactly why, is the salvage from level4 not worth it or it is because of the Marauders and not many peoples leaving wrecks behind? Or less peoples in space doing missions?

If the player is inside the mission, anyone can and will scan him down easily even alpha clone and can warp in and salvage or steal and try to bait. Allowing wrecks to be scannable would not change this for highsec, only low and null.

But really to probe wrecks is nonsense, there are so many, that would be insane spam in the probe window. The only reasonable option would be to allow scan down completed mission pockets. And by completed I mean, no NPCs or celetials or acceleration gates inside. Ie. it is not completed until the “owner” completes the mission at the agent (in case of mission, escalations and signatures despawns automatically after some time if condition is cleared → at that point they would be completed).

OP just wants to be able to clean up all those wrecks he sees at dscan in his system when there is noone around, he doesn’t want to be activelly scanning peoples and “stealing” their stuff while they are still there, OP wants to just take what others left behind.

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People doing lots of missions and most leave all the wrecks behind. The thing is, it’s simply not worth it most of the time. Only really huge missions like Blockade leave significant loot. At all there are maybe a handfull that would be worth looting. But even than, only if you can place an MTU and come back 30minutes later to just scoop everything and salvage the pile of wrecks in like 3 minutes. As a ninja-looter who can’t even use an MTU (because it won’t tractor yellow wrecks), it’s a pure waste of time.

First thing to make nina-looting even remotely attractive would be a change that auto-abandones all wrecks once the owner leaves grid. Or at least after some minutes after leaving grid.

Anyone being able to kill an L4 missionrunner is able to scan him down in one, or two cycles at max. Chances that the missionrunner notices that are slim, and even if, the pocket is compromised and no warpout or cloak will help anyway, the hunter can just bookmark the result and can come back any time when the runner comes back in. So being able to scan wrecks really would change not much at all.

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Also if the runner or owner of said wreck hasnt released ownership, you cant loot it without changing safety to yellow.

With wrecks only having a 2hr limit, you could scan down a wreck thats been there 1h59 min, show up and go poof before you can salvage it

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To be clear, this post is targeted at PVE mission/anomaly sites that are full of rat wrecks that clutter D-Scan (when set for wrecks).

I’ve suggested before that despawned wrecks in a system should contribute to a salvage / junkyard anom run by rogue drones. If the site isn’t destroyed, it will upgrade and cause issues for the players in the system like some of the other pve game mechanics that do similar things. (incursions, pirate strongholds, ect.)

That would give players that enjoy the salvaging gameplay some content to play with, and have it tied in with actual player interaction.

But that’s not all. Imagine a big fleet battle that lasts hours and a lot of the loot that despawns ends up in the salvage site. It would give players more objectives to fight over than what is currently in the game.

Tangential to this idea, there used to be a guy (sorry I don’t recall his name) who spent a great deal of time pairing newbies (who were gifted a T1 destroyer full of T1 salvagers, or similar) with veterans running Level 4 missions.

They would go in a small fleet together, newbie 1 acceleration gate behind at a time, veteran ahead clearing the mission. Newbie clears salvage while hanging with a vet, social connection. Newbie would trade salvage to veteran (or if the vet didn’t want it, to the guy running the program) and earn ISK that way.

Also eliminated the need for that Noctis alt.

Honestly sounds exhausting to schedule, but apparently I was told CCP mentioned at a fanfest it was very effective at retention. I haven’t been able to verify this story (it happened during my decade hiatus) so I am open to being corrected.

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I do recall people doing that, I hadn’t heard about a guy that want around setting those relationships up though.

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