Directional Scanner for low/null sec salvaging

Hello everyone. I’m kinda new in the game but I managed to figure out some basics. I’ve been doing low sec salvaging for 2 days now and I actually dont know how to use d-scanner properly. I wanna see all the wrecks and enemy ships etc. I dont wanna see any useless information in my d-scanner tab. Can you guys help me out and explain the d-scanner? Thanks :slight_smile:

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There is an option in the Directional Scanner settings that tells it only to report the same classes of items as currently selected in the active Overview. That is very good for decluttering the d-scan, but does require you to set up the overview correctly.
However, small items such as wrecks, will not appear on the D-scanner whatever the settings - it is designed to detect ships, not lumps of cold debris. Nor can scan probes detect them. The nearest way to finding wrecks is to look for the mission runner’s ship while he is still in the mission (using scan probes) and go in afterwards to clean up. Being aware of course that looting his wrecks rather than just salvaging will give you a timer during which the loot owner can attack you.

Alternatively, ask if someone would be happy with you tagging along as they rat or mission run clearing the wrecks for them. I’ve had people do that for me in the past - either gratis or for a small consideration.

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That’s incorrect. Wrecks will show up on D-scan. You simply can’t probe them down.


As @Terak_Romaller said, you can set your dscan up to be permanent (and uncluttered) tool. I prefer it to be flexible. However, I am lazy and still only use the in-built filters.

As @Sinjin_Pava said, if you select the “loot” filter at top right hand side of dscan window you will see all wrecks in system but cannot scan them down.

If you select “drones” you can also see any and all drones left in-system. These you can scan down with combat probes and recover. Drones in-system, when someone else is flying, is also a good indicator they are running missions or ratting. If you scan these other players down, again with combat probes, it will give you their location that you can come back to and check for salvage. Or just ask them.

The final “old school” method I use is just to bookmark combat sites - both anomalies and ones you have to scan down. You can save these in a folder so as not to clutter “people and places”. This does not work if you are itinerant. But, if you simply fly a “patrol box” of 10 / 12 / 20 systems that you come back to every hour or so, and you find, 1) new wrecks on dscan and 2) bookmarked combat sites now missing from probe scanner window, then you have a good chance you have just found a wreck site.

Also, ask around and once you have found the typical mission systems for your volume of space, then those are the ones you should regularly patrol for salvage.


Thank-you. I didn’t know that - I must have started ignoring them a long time ago!
I tend to create wrecks for myself rather than find someone else’s.

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This is actually a very good way for a player interested in a Salvaging Career to get wrecks.

Try Ninja Salvaging by scanning down MTU’s and warp in to see if wrecks are pulled and owner not present.
Salvage wrecks and pop the MTU on you way out.

Risk being that you will upset the mission runners in your space and they either do something about it, remember you as problem forever, or both.

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