Locating and salvaging unbookmarked wrecks.. Can it be done easily or at all?

Can this be done with the directional scanner and setting bookmarks to triangulate on the wreck or not? Do any of you do this successfully?

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I did this once to find a AFK campers GSC, took me about 8 hours.


Its practically impossible though it obviously should not be at all. If you can scan down a pretty little smooth pod, scanning down a glittering mass of rough shards that were once 20 pirate battleships should be a snap. I often wonder if reality and logic (within the context of a fantasy world mind) would hurt or improve this game. I can’t answer that. But I certainly prefer things to be consistent with reality because second guessing reality to play a game is really just a great big pain in the ass.

But as to the actual act of trying to D-scan your way to a mass of wrecks, I think the only way I would ever try it again is if it were 1. a relatively small system and 2. I had a whopping mass of old bookmarks to work with and they were thrown out all over the system. That said, and maybe I am doing something wrong, but D-scan does not seem very accurate with regards to direction finding. I have been pointed right at a belt I know has a certain ship, yet, I can’t get a ping of it on D-scan unless I adjust to 360 degree scan. X(

Edit: I recently figured out that D-scan direction is entirely dependent on what you see on your computer screen and is in fact accurate. I was thinking of it in terms of where your ship was pointed (which works if you are using first person view). Also, trying to align your screen with a mouse and try to isolate an area in a 5 degree cone just seems too ridiculous to even have the feature so it wasn’t computing. Works in first person view though if you can align and are aligned.


it is technically possible but very, very, very difficult and not worthy. If you spend several hours tring to do it with warp out, etc then you should think of the amount of isks you could have earned at the same time doing your usual pve activities (mining, ratting, missions, explo, what you want). And also… would it be fun?..


Definitely not worth it for wrecks considering they despawn in an hour and WH salavage is not worth much these days.
“Might” be worth it for hanger containers that are left over from a structure bash. In which case you want to use the slowest warping ship you have for dropping BM’s as you narrow in.


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