How to get wrecks

(Krall J'Rnlav) #1

I know that salvage could be done by following a mission runner but on my trip exploring new Eden I found lots and lots of abandoned wrecks(no drones,no ship,no MTU,no bookmark; just wrecks).
I can dscan them down and get the exactly where it is usually it’s near a celestial, some time it floating in space but there’s no way to get there even combat probe. So I felt bad that I can’t just make a book mark on the place the wrecks is and fly to them( bookmark can only place on a celestial or active cosmic anomaly or where your ship at not just a random place in space,right?) Such a waste…
Can someone with more knowledge about warping or salvaging help me with that problem? It would be helpful for all the alphas since we don’t have the gut to fly our crapy multi function ship into low and null sec warzone lmao.

(QuakeGod) #2

Just sit at the Uedama/Sivala gate for a few hours and you’ll get all the wrecks you want…

(Krall J'Rnlav) #3

Lmao yes ik about the hotspot salvage but,the point is I want to get to every wrecks I can and those floating money is what I want XD

(Lily Inkura) #4

I have always felt the same about drones. Lots of them just abandoned, both in combat and mining zones, and no way for me to get to them.

My understanding is that you can scan down drones and wrecks - and reach them - using combat probes? However. My scanning skills suck so cannot help you any further as to how you actually do it. But I am pretty sure that is the answer.

(Krall J'Rnlav) #5

You can scan down drones by using the combat scanner probe but it require lots of CPU
But you can’t scan down wrecks with combat probe… That’s what bugging me

(Lily Inkura) #6

I stand corrected. Just had a quick look at previous forum threads and it seems you cannot scan down wrecks. Others think that sucks too but there is no way to do it.

(QuakeGod) #7

Just scan down the mission runner’s ship. Ask them if they will blue their wrecks for you to loot/salvage. If not, salvage them anyway. They aren’t going to attack you and lose their mission ship.

(Krall J'Rnlav) #8

yes ik about the mission runner salvaging and i have mentioned above. I just want to know that is there any way to access wrecks that’s floating in space as I mentioned above

(Pix Severus) #9

Wrecks are not scannable, unfortunately.

You have two options to get to them:

  1. If drones or an MTU are abandoned on the same grid as the wrecks, you can probe those instead.
  2. Using a very time-consuming method of warping between celestials and making bookmarks mid-warp, it is possible to land on grid with the wrecks.

(Krall J'Rnlav) #10

Well the option 2 sound promising with a fast align ship.
But it would be impossible if the wrecks are beyond the warp course isnt it?

(Dark Engraver) #11

Join pandemic horde or goons they’ll leave npc wrecks for you,

(Krall J'Rnlav) #12

Yh i could join a corp but i always prefer sitting in a hotspot, warp in take everything I could and bail out… More thrill
Place like warzone…

(Dark Engraver) #13

You can get that while looting during a fight join fleet in small ship sit at ping when hugin or lachesis dies swoop in for the faction points/web

(Krall J'Rnlav) #14

There was a day i saw a big red dot in null sec so I take that as my duty call and get into my ship
Fly to the red spot and
Walaaaa more than 10 cruiser wrecks and a bunch of drones
It seem like they got a really big fight
I filled my cargo hold and just after I align to the gate
A fleet warp at me
That was thrill and fun XD

(Faylee Freir) #15
  • Go to a system where The Sisters of Eve has Level 4 security missions.
  • Scan down battleships running missions
  • Salvage the wrecks

If you’re feeling adventurous you could steal their loot as well. Often times you will find that they will shoot at you as you go suspect. Once they shoot at you they open up a limited engagement timer in which you can legally shoot them back.

Kill them, kill their pod, take their ■■■■, and enjoy. If you actually want more information on how to do this then mail me in-game. I can teach you :slight_smile:

(Krall J'Rnlav) #16

Bruh that’s literally dick move
I love it

(Pix Severus) #17

No, I did just that when hunting down a Magpie MTU a while back, you can find a write-up about that here. If the site is beyond the warp course, simply start accepting nearby missions to create a path to warp from.

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #18

You can make a bookmark at any point in space.

(Faylee Freir) #19

It’s actually a ton of fun. Mission runners often times love their wrecks and if you go around stealing that additional income from them, they get MAD!

I have tons of kills where I do this in a Frigate, killing Battlecruisers and Battleships. I have killed an Officer for Dominix and a Marauder doing this.

(Krall J'Rnlav) #20

Wow thats really hard effort
Respect MTU hunter