Finding Ratting Wrecks to Salvage

Good Morning, i have a noctus, i have vexor with probe launcher. I can do directional scanning and 2 or 300 ratting wrecks at 90degrees withing 14au. I cannot seem to pin point location of tue wrecks to salvage them is there away.i watched a number of you tube videos none of which so far helped. I read a number of google sites and forums no luck. Is there away

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I thought they changed the mechanics a while ago so that you can no longer scan down wrecks. I think the only possibility to get those wrecks is to scan down the mission runner’s ship while he is doing the site and bookmark it.


You can’t scan down wrecks unless the mission runner is there or left something you can scan behind like MTU or drones. None the less, Eve players find a way …

Services like offer to loot and salvage sites for mission runners who don’t want to take the time. Consider working for them.


You need a combat probe launcher (rather than a core probe launcher), so you can scan for player ships or player drones. The combat launcher requires 220 CPU or some such, which is a significant amount even for a cruiser, so you may need to install it on your race’s designated probing frigate (it may be the only ship to have the CPU amount required).

The wrecks remain in space for up to 2 hours even if the person hands the mission in to the agent, so just use your probes to find multiple ship/drone locations and bookmark them, then jump into the salvager ship and go to your bookmarks. You don’t need to fit the probe launcher on your salvage / combat ship (and you won’t have enough CPU for weapons, defenses, or salvagers if you do).

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There is no way to probe down wrecks with a probe launcher and no viable way to do it with d scan (it is possible with d scan in theory but not plausible).

You need to probe down a player ship, player deployable or drone while they are on site.

The best bet usually is to probe down MTUs.

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Good Morning, everyone thank you

Would probably make more money with a throw away frigate salvaging T2 player wrecks and looting everything in FW.

I “kinda” wish there was a way to scan down wrecks. Maybe with a dedicated salvage ship like the Noctis with special salvage scan gear.

But no, there is no way to just scam them down. :frowning:

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