Scannable wrecks in space

Go on,

You know the game needs it …

Imagine all the “Junker” folks that would be cruising around dangerous space looting stuff and setting up traps or falling into some …

I mean whatever, that’ll be my last suggestion for this game anyway lol …

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I Started this game scav’in for wreaks and will probably end there as well.
I keep trying to pin-point wreaks on occasion because it ought to. I’m sure I used to be able to narrow down a d-scan of them at one period of time.

So many words to say, in essence; yes, I agree.

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Didn’t it get nerfed to insulate high-sec mission runners? I can’t recall.

What hasn’t been nerfed in Eve yet?

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There currently is a good balance between combat probing a ratting ship and the modules they can use to reduce the chance to get scanned. Equip a few sensor boosters with ECCM scripts, add implants for more sensor strength, keep your signature radius low and you’ll be very very hard to scan down.

Marauders specifically have bonuses for this in their bastion so that they can make themselves tough combat probe targets.

Making your ship hard to scan down is a viable way to increase survivability.

Add scannable wrecks and you ignore that gameplay as it allows people to just scan the wrecks next to the impossible to scan down ship, bypassing the fitting choices, and negating the interplay between scan strength and sensor strength.

If you want salvage, ask your friends to leave you a bookmark or create some of your own.

Or use your combat probes to scan down MTUs that were left behind.

Keep in mind that some MTUs will be tougher to scan down, the more expensive ones have much higher sensor strength to make it hard to get to them.

Scanning wrecks would ignore that last bit, again.


The answer to that is to make the wreaks a greater challenge to scan than actively operated equipment.

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What’s the point of being able to scan wrecks if you need to use a Virtue Implant set in order to get to the salvage?

I think we’re dealing with two very different sorts of players here.

The players who would benefit from being able to scan down wrecks for the intended reason are newbies with low scanning skills and definitely no virtue implants.

The players who would really like to use the ability to scan down wrecks to more easily get to hard-to-probe targets will definitely have access to good scanning skills and implants.

You cannot make it too hard for the second group while at the same time making it impossible for newbies to get to wrecks by scanning, defeating the purpose of scanning wrecks in the first place.

Salvaging Feature Concept & Changes to Wrecks

Basically all the arguments are here. I recommend reading this, and quoting anything you plan to rebut; it’ll save everyone repeating a year-old series of arguments.

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Thanks @Mkikaden_Tiragen , saves me re-typing all the arguments.

I’m all for continuing the discussion, just don’t see a reason to have to repeat the parts already covered :slight_smile:

Valuable wreaks are worth the effort. Or could be in the future.

Also, your objections precludes the freedom to role-play in place of min-max gaming. A reminder that this advertised as role playing game and scav’in wreaks is an adoptable role.

I have nothing against scavenging wrecks! In fact, I often do it myself and grab my salvage Imicus to grab millions of salvage-loot from battlefields just after big fights happened.

I just think that in order to find the wrecks you do not need to be able to scan them down as there are plenty of other ways to find wrecks, including:

  • create your own wrecks, bookmark the site
  • ask friend who creates wrecks to bookmark site
  • encounter (or cause) a fight with other players, bookmark
  • combat probe any players who are currently creating wrecks, bookmark the site
  • combat probe MTUs, which usually are surrounded by wrecks in the first hours

You want to use probes to find wrecks that are caused by other players, without interacting with those other players. Why not use combat probes to do so to get their ratting ship or their MTU?

The gameplay interaction between combat probes and fitting choices of ships or MTU choices are properly balanced. People can make sacrifices to their fit or to the price of MTUs to make it harder to get probed.

Such things cannot be done if you can simply probe the ships, which bypasses an existing gameplay element for no good reason.

If you want to fly a ninja-salvager, roaming space in search of wrecks that other players create, why not use something like this?

[Imicus, Imicus Ninja Salvager]

Type-D Restrained Expanded Cargo
Type-D Restrained Nanofiber Structure
F-89 Compact Signal Amplifier

1MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
F-90 Compact Sensor Booster, Scan Resolution Script
Small F-S9 Regolith Compact Shield Extender
[Empty Med slot]

Expanded Probe Launcher I, Combat Scanner Probe I
Salvager I
Salvager I

Small Salvage Tackle I
Small Salvage Tackle I
Small Salvage Tackle I

Salvage Drone I x4
Warrior I x4

Gameplay would be pretty straightforward:

Fly through space, combat probe ships you find in space, save their location to come back later. And if you see any unattended MTUs, shoot it with your combat drones while you loot and salvage the rest.

It’s a good argument for the balanced protection of an active site.
But it does not allow you to find your own wreak in an abandoned, un-bookmarked, combat zone.
Or for someone else to cash in on the lack of time / forethought to bookmark.
Onus is shifted onto developing good navigation habits over refined scanning skills.

you know, some people on this thread know I’ve posted about this, but instead of making wrecks scannable, why not create some kind of salvage related sub capital CRAB style beacon.

perhaps something which you can interact with or hack, which then pings you the location of wrecks left behind in dead space missions or something.

this way it eliminates the problem of having people insta scan wrecks and warp into combat sites
perhaps the wrecks have to be more than an hour old and the longer you hack the larger the value.

just an idea to bat around

I can see the planting of a salvage beacon which is basically some kind of specialised deep space radar intended for finding wrecks, requires you to be connected, spawning salvage locations.

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Why is it seemingly hard to find wrecks to scan that we need a site that spawns wrecks?

There are so many places in this game where you can find ships and so many ships in this game are designed to turn ships into wrecks.

Why not use those possibilities? Find some ships, shoot them, salvage the wrecks. Or let a friend do the killing if you don’t like doing it yourself. Or combat probe someone else who’s doing it so that you don’t even have to interact with other human beings in this game. Or find a battle between NPCs so that you don’t even have to combat probe human beings in order to find wrecks.

So many possibilities.

Remember when salvaging Rogue Drones gave useful salvage?

in my humble opinion i think the issue is that when pilots enter a combat site and leave the remaining wrecks can’t be found, this is true mostly for combat sites, sure a person can warp to a belt or hope to find some wrecks on a gate or somewhere around a station, unless you have a nano salvager slapped together, moving a noctis is kind of a headache.

as a capsuleer you jump into a ship and go mining, the resources are there.
same with combat sites
exploration is a bit more work
but salvaging you kind of have to get lucky or already know where the wrecks are.

this is done by someone telling you or simply you made them yourself.

if a pilot goes into a combat site, kills some enemies and warps out, never to return those wrecks are lost.

not everyone salvages their sites, so those small pockets which have wrecks in them, float there in space and we have no way to access them unless you do a ninja salvage or you team up with something.

truthfully ship graveyards would be awesome as hell to see where a person could salvage
to be honest, i’ve often thought with the idea salvaging could really do with a bit more patching up.

its one thing to warp on grid and fire lasers, sure thats all grant, but if i want to take my time and treat a wreck with a bit more finesse to get more salvage out of it that would be pretty sweet, or perhaps have a larger chance for some kind of T2 salvage.

its a shame there aren’t salvage sites or missions which lead to decomissioned or abandonded NPC structures and similar to the C.R.A.B Beacon, or the ESS where you have to be in proximity or linked to the structure. once you successfully hack it, you find a log stating

“this station was abandonded only 10 minutes ago and now will self destruct!”
but your computer system managed to get the location of the fight, so you jump/warp to that location to find the battle going on between two factions or perhaps just winding down with any remaining rats warping away.

I think this would be kind of cool to see, especially with the Diamond AI stuff, just because you get to sit there want watch a brief yet awesome spectacular battle take place and you get to pick over the left overs.

if you’re a solo player

but getting a mission speak to someone and fly here
want to mine hit the belts
want to scan, move to a lower system and find anoms
want to salvage float around and get lucky

your alternatives are to fleet / team up with someone or to use an alt account to make them yourself.

in my mind as a salvager having access to wrecks is only a factor into things, there is genuinely no content designed towards salvagers.

and as a salvager i would rather spend 30 minutes on a single wreck to find something completely awesome or perhaps story related or related to the games lore or even its history and go “oh wow thats neat” then strictly be always about turning a profit and how many wrecks per hour i can hit.


apologies for the wall of text, i think i got a little carried away
alsoi please not this is not in anyway a personal attack, but i think this bugs a lot of salvage players.

you know, i think the game could benefit for an alpha friendly nano salvage style small frigate

if something like that does happen i would be down for seeing it called “Junker”

just throwing that out there.

I posted an alpha friendly nano salvage style small frigate fit earlier. The Imicus, Magnate, Heron and Probe are made for this kind of gameplay with their salvage bonuses and huge (for a frigate) cargoholds.

They even have probe bonuses, so with an expanded probe launcher they won’t have any issue probing down players that create wrecks or mtus in the middle of wrecks for some ninja salvaging.

thats all well and good, i just thought a specific frigate salvager would be cool

that was as far as the thought went.

we could of used destroyers, frigates or scan ships for mining, but we have mining frigates.

again though, i just thought it would of been kinda cool to see it is all.