Salvaging Feature Concept & Changes to Wrecks

another quick thought here guys.

how about we make some changes to wrecks.

first of all something for the salvagers

make it so we can scan down wrecks in deadspace.

say someone runs a mission, doesn’t salvage the site and leaves, instead of the room de-spawning. let them stay there and let us scan them down, people looking to do salvaging perhaps could have a specific launcher on their ship which launches “salvage probes” which are intentially designed to find wrecks alone.

allowing people who salvage to come into a system, do some scanning, warp around, clean up and go home. it is literally what salvagers are suppose to be able to do and would be a lot less hassle than

having a specific scanning ship, warping into an active combat site, book marking a wreck, going and changing ship.

lets just bundle the concept of scanning wrecks from within a salvage ship as a new player feature for salvagers, new people getting into the game could easily turn to this profession and exisiting players who are salvagers would have an easier time.

regarding wrecks
I think all T1 wrecks should remain the same and despawn after a few hours (with new exceptions)

any faction, t2, dreads, capitals, supers & titans should remain on grid untill salvaged.

I personally believe that bigger wrecks should yield more salvage, but i’ll leave that down to better minds than myself to balance.

it’ll also be nice to see an alliance salvaging their fallen titan or fallen super carriers after ane epic battle went down.

with mineral shortages and the yet unreleased dynamic distribution I think every single scrap should count towards something in the game.

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Eliminates teamwork

Based on the min max fit concept, “I can’t GIMP my fit with a salvager or salvage drones”

I would rather be able to scan down the wrecks that are on d scan then to take away the teamwork of somebody running missions and having a partner to salvage

my main approach here was regarding previously abandonded wrecks in missions or simply not harvested assets from missions, there is nothing stopping someone from asking
“can i salvage your site when you’re done?”

it would still be highly efficent for a salvager to be partnered with someone regardless of this because scanning down wrecks, even on dscan would still take time.

it would still be more efficent to work with someone, however a salvager who can find wrecks on their own, will have more agency to simply just find left over wrecks which are clearly abandonded.

In which case I’ll suggest an addendum.

wrecks in game would become subject to an “auto abandon” system
if i recall correctly wrecks will disappear off of grid after 3 hours. so if we say after 2 hours, these wrecks turn from Yellow to Blue (owned → abandonded)
it creates a 1 hour window for the savvy salvager to go out and pick the bones

salvagers can thus only find the blue ones because they’re clearly abandonded. people choosing to then abandon wrecks in mission sites would also then allow others to actively find it.

as it currently exisits in the game if a salvager were to work with someone, these wrecks do not have to be abandonded to salvage them, they do however have to be abandonded for you to loot any goodies from inside. so I cannot loot but I can still fire my salvage lasers at them and get salvage materials

this way mission runners can go in, run the missions, get the bounty pay out, take the loot, leave the rest or out right abandon the wrecks for someone else.

I don’t see any harm in what you’re proposing, but I also don’t see the point.

Why would anyone wanna fly around looking for wrecks to salvage? That’s got to be the slowest way to earn ISK

an interesting point, in this case its not about the speed of which a person earns ISK. personally as a player i like to slow down and go get some salvage from time to time, but i’m permenantly dependant on working with others, as a salvager i have on way of independantly performing this role.

currently in the game, you can log in and do any profession or sub profession in the game to a specific level of independance & competency related on what ship and skills you have.

except salvaging. if salvagers had a way of locating abandonded wrecks it would make it easier for the independant salvager.

ninja salvaging is a thing but you have to be in one ship, warp in, book mark, warp out change ship and come back.

if wrecks were automatically abandonded after 2 hours or however long would be appropriate people in salvage ships could easily just go pick the bones.

it creates some level of independance for salvagers looking just to make a buck and also doesn’t deduct too much from the aspect of working in teams with active mission or site runners.

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Salvaging is is comparable isk to level4’s. Just not worth more efficient mission runners swapping out their ships and coming back.

But if someone could scan down sites and loot+salvage them back to back it’d be pretty decent income.

Scanning down wrecks is something players have wanted for years. But doing it such that probe scan results aren’t spammed with hundreds of wrecks.


If someone makes sacrifices to their ratting ship fit to be near unprobable it sure would be useful to be able to easily probe the wrecks right next to them instead.

I think this is not a good idea.

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the idea is to be able to detect Abandonded Wrecks only.

which is why i suggested an auto abandon system for wrecks

this way mission runners can come in, run a mission and leave, they don’t even have to abandon the wrecks, they’ll automatically become abandonded later, which a salvager can then detect and go and scoop up.

scanning down owned wrecks using probes wouldn’t be the way forward.
scanning down abandonded wrecks though would be a great thing for salvagers.

perhaps a specific “salvage scan probe” for finding abandonded wrecks, also does not detectactive ships or owned wrecks.

this would easily filter down the amount scannable wrecks, avoid exploiting of scanning down active mission runners.

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That’s inconsistent and silly.

Legality of looting wrecks is only relevant in high sec space. Your probe launcher has no reason to care about legality of wrecks, a wreck is a wreck.

then it would still be good for new players joining the game who don’t want to get blown up, more people enjoyingthe game means a bigger community. more experienced players gravitate towards locations which are more profitable.

if the auto abandon system were implemented, it would mean even in nullsec it would mean sites which people have completed but not looted / salvaged, could then be found by salvagers providing essential services to a corporation, alliance or coalition.

making it actually a very useful tool in all regions of space as well as new player friendly.

it would finally achieve this goal
would be new bro friendly
help exisiting salvagers
also allows players to be independant salvagers with an optional of still working in a team. this could perhaps be a factor of skill requirements to use this.

I guess a wreck is not a wreck then if someone owns it, even in Null space.
isn’t it part of the trade anyway as a salvager to ask permission to salvage someone elses wrecks, even in null sec? yes, yes it is.
go into a combat site while you’re buddy is running a mission and just start looting the wrecks, specifically “LOOTING” its possible your blue buddies ultimately won’t care, but there will be some who do.

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People don’t ‘own’ wrecks, except in high sec where legality of wrecks plays a role in determining what CONCORD does if someone shoots you when you loot a wreck.

If I leave wrecks in null and someone starts salvaging them unasked, I may ask them to stop because I created those wrecks, but I don’t own them.

The person who loots the wreck and makes it out alive ‘owns’ the loot. If you think it’s your loot, make them stop looting and loot it yourself.

Wreck is a wreck and if my probe scanner can find one, it should be able to find the other too.

If you insist on making it impossible for the probe scanner to scan down illegal wrecks, I should logically be able to put my safeties to red and scan down illegal wrecks anyway.

And that brings me back to my first point:

you can salvage wrecks all day long and nothing happen to you in hisec. its the loot part of the wreck that can get you lit up like a christmas tree.

leaving out the prospect of looting, this would be viable for those who are just looking for the salvage from the wrecks that way just a bunch of yellow cans are now all over space instead of yellow wrecks.

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this just makes it easier to find wrecks before they despawn.

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i was moreso replying to gerard about the difference between salvaging and looting a wreck in hisec. salvaging does nothing to the individual. only looting.

i stated before, i’m all about scanning down those wrecks that you see on dscan but cannot go to… wouldn’t care to loot them unless they are grey or blue… but id be more than happy to salvage them.


Combat probing has counterplay options, by keeping sig radius low, increasing your sensor strength and by using higher tier MTUs or mobile depots that are harder to probe down. Players can choose to fit their ships to be really hard to probe down.

When people can just scan the wrecks instead of the ratting ship, all of that interplay between sensor strength, sig radius and probe strength is just gone. Marauder in bastion near impossible to probe? Just warp to the wrecks next to him instead!

That’s what I think is a flaw of this suggestion.

when a wreck is formed it belongs to a person and is marked by the game a specific way.

it remains this way untill either abandoned or despawned.

having the ability to find abandonded wrecks has no baring people actively ratting.

when someone is done with their site, they can choose to abandon their wrecks if they wish, if not. like I said they can be auto abandoned when the wrecks have 1 hour remaining left on their despawn timer.

someone ratting can warp in, clear the site, loot and warp out
2 hours later someone in a salvager can detect the left behind wrecks, warp in and pick the bones.

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Like I said before, why would your probe scanner care about legal status of wrecks?

How would your probe scanner distinguish between an abandoned wreck and a regular wreck?

And if your probe scanner could distinguish between illegal and abandoned wrecks, why should your probe scanner not be allewed to scan an ‘illegal’ wreck with safeties red?


This was proposed a number of years ago, as I recall. The difference was three hours as normal, then an additional three hours as abandoned and scanable.


having a way to detect abandonded wrecks doesn’t have to be probe scanners, it could be possibly be some kind of ship functio or even a seperate module entire.

perhaps an expansion of the game lore, where wrecks exposed to the harsh conditions of space send out distress becons for possible survivors, which would mean salvagers could end up doubling as rescue ships, this would of been a very cool concept for ship boarding combat with the old dust mercenaries if it was still around.

honestly you could probably just justifiy it anyway you want there is plenty of space within the game lore and mechanics to make something like this completly viable

there would be a difference in object states in the code, so probably something to do with that
for the rest of it, i don’t know, i guess you’ll have to ask someone on the coding team of CCP how they would manage something like that. i don’t work for the game company. I’m just one person throwing out an idea.

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