Salvaging Upgrades

Allow Scanning for Player Caused Ship Wrecks
Require a different probe than Core/Combat. This is primary due to the wrecks leave no real signature so to meet with storyline/tech it looks for residue wrecks/weapons fire.

Add “Battle Sites”
These are scannable Anomalies (Salvage Probe Bonus)

Tier 1 - Salvageable Wreckage. Depending on the level possible NPCs warp in and attack you OR ignores you as they salvage wrecks.
Tier 2 - Salvageable Wreckage. There are still ships fighting/survivors of fight still there and attack you when you warp in. Also possible wreckage can be trapped.
Tier 3+ - Salvageable Wreckage. Even more ships there already when you warp in, extras can warp in.

These sites are random if they have loot on the ship wreckage but all of them are 100% salvageable.

New Ship
A Frigate Salvage Scanner Ship
-Possibly use Venture Ship Design.
-Requires Ore Hauler Skill, Covert Operations.

-Ship will be Frigate size.
–3 High Slots
–4 Medium
–3 Low
Ore Hauler Skill
5% reduction in Salvager Duration
10% Salvager Range
5% Increase in Salvage Drone Speed and Cycle Time.

Covert Ops Skill
-10% bonus to Drone Hit points and Tracking Speed

Role Bonus:
37.5% bonus to Core and Salvage Scanner Probe Strength
100% reduction in Cloaking Devices CPU Requirement

Drone Capacity - 30m3
Drone Bandwidth - 15 Mbit/Sec

A Destroy Salvage Scanner Ship
-Possibly Noctis Upgrade
–Requires Ore Hauler Skill, Covert Operations.

-Ship will be Destroyer size.
–5 High Slots
–4 Medium
–3 Low
Ore Hauler Skill
5% reduction in Salvager Duration
10% Salvager Range
30% Tractor Beam Range and Velocity

Covert Ops Skill
-10% bonus to Drone Hit points and Tracking Speed

Role Bonus:
37.5% bonus to Core and Salvage Scanner Probe Strength
100% reduction in Cloaking Devices CPU Requirement

Drone Capacity - 75m3
Drone Bandwidth - 50 Mbit/Sec


Destroyers fill that role already

I’m all for more exploration stuff. In a past thread, I had discussed with someone about tying wrecks destroyed in system that weren’t salvaged within their 2 hour window to an exploration site filled with them.

The idea behind it, is rogue drones would go out and collect the wreck scraps and deposit them in the site. Not literally, that’s just the “story” the site would tell through it’s mechanics. A rogue drone rat would warp into the site, and then the wrecks that despawned within the system in the last 20 minutes would spawn next to the rat in the site.

Over a period of time, the site would salvage the wrecks within the site, depositing the salvage and modules into storage facilities that could be hacked by players in order to gain access to those resources.

The reason I like this idea, is because it ties the site to previous player activity. It also creates a location players can go to to create more player interaction. Some of those large nullsec battles have a lot of wrecks that might despawn over the course of the battle, so creating a location where they pop up again creates a resource players could fight over.

Also… shameless plug for an old thread of mine: The derelict mechanic I put together last year expands exploration and salvaging even further.

As for your ship idea, cov ops salvaging ships sound like an interesting addition to the game. If the salvaging crew mechanic I mention in the derelict thread came into the game, perhaps the ships could have a dedicated crew bay for them and their equipment.

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Thats probably because in some PvE Mission hubs you had thousands over thousands of signatures to scan, that barely anyone would even use.

Even if you would limit it to despawning mission/sig/ano pockets each creating a new “abandoned battle site” signature, we would still talk about many many hundred of them.

I tend to believe that would just put too much stress on the server for no real gain, because you can already go to a populated mission running system and combatprobe missionrunners, bookmarking their location. Or jusk ask them nicely if you can loot their sites, most don’t use the wrecks anyway. Maybe you even make some good relations and can follow them regulary in a salvaging ship if you like that profession.

The much easier change should be to Pilots attitudes.

If you’re a mission runner and don’t care about salvage then turn them blue for anyone to clear up, personally I’m sick of seeing dscan full of wrecks.

in the time it took to post this , you could have removed them from dscan . there’s lots of guides and it’s pretty easy and little effort . but no …

that illustrates why this should never be put in game . the day it goes live , would be the first of endless complaints … too hard takes too long wreck should tell me I don’t have enough skill too much training unfair to alphas too easy driving salvage value down npc should buy my salvage can’t make enough to plex force players to blue wrecks … etc .

I’d just like to take a moment to point out the irony… that you’re complaining about players complaining. :stuck_out_tongue:


That is pretty good idea.

I’d say 3 hour decay on wrecks (Bookmarks can be set to 3 hours minimal)
After 3 hours they go to a central site it becomes a “Battle Site” scanned down

Problem is people would just constantly camp those systems for the wrecks. So would have to make it region pick up all the wrecks and randomly moves the site. Make it a % of the wrecks though if you do it that way.

As for your Derelict ship. I think that would go well with this concept. You can scan down a battle site and maybe there is a Derelict ship still there with wrecks. You use a newer model that goes with salvage ships.

Marine Drop
High Slot
Attempts to Salvage Derelict Wrecks
Based on Salvage Skill

This is a 2 fold [quote=“Spacetramp Drago, post:5, topic:396445, full:true, username:Spacetramp_Drago”]
The much easier change should be to Pilots attitudes.

If you’re a mission runner and don’t care about salvage then turn them blue for anyone to clear up, personally I’m sick of seeing dscan full of wrecks.

This is a 2 fold issue. Some players would never release the wreckage cause they want you to flag and they will wait for you. Same time some players would scan down and purposely take the wreck to flag for combat. So Its a double blade.

I’d just make it so it’s on a per system basis. The drone recycling facilities would spawn in a system if enough wrecks despawned within that system in the past hour.

Still would have Primary systems that most missions are done in.

There are only so many systems people ist in and do Security missions.

That is true, you would have some systems that have more of these sites than others for sure, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. The concentrated nature of it would just create potential conflict points for players to fight over, making them more interesting.

Wrecks despawn after 2 hours, why should CCP change that, it works nicely already.

Why should wrecks “go” anywhere? And how?

If I’m understanding him correctly, he’s talking about my salvage cosmic anom / signature idea. But yeah, I don’t see any reason to change the default 2 hour despawn timer. It’s best to keep those types of things standardized.

As for why, read above. It’s a resource for people to interact with and fight over. AND… it’s not isk.

My apology, that “why” was basically just redundant to “how”. I don’t like “space magic”. If players leave wrecks behind, they shouldn’t “go” anywhere. Either there is an explanation that makes logical sense within the EVE lore, or it should not be implemented. So, before wrecks are “going” anywhere for players to scan them, I would like to see a reasonable mechanism that keeps the immersion alive of how these wrecks actually did move from where I shot them to where I can scan and salvage them.


Sorry, I am getting use to this and when I hit reply I forget I need to hit Quote.

His post explains too. Space Drones come out and salvage the wrecks and move them to a “Junk yard” of a sort. This could also help explain scanning down some of the sites, due to drones use a beacon of a sort for a “battle site” and when you warp in they are there salvaging or possibility of returning on you while you salvage.

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Yup, I specifically mention rogue drones, because they really should be in every system by now, infesting everything. Picking up little scraps and collecting them like some sort of pack rat.

It would actually be kind of cool… if the recycle facility / junk yard site would evolve over time too. The longer it was left alone without being destroyed, it would grow more dangerous, and possibly spawn new combat anoms in the system.

Ok. So, just to make sure I got it right:

  1. Players shoot NPCs in missions, anos whatever in a system.
  2. After two hours the wrecks don’t “despawn” like now, but Rogue Drones harvest them and bring them to a “Junkyard” or “Drone Hive” or whatever.
  3. After x wrecks have been collected, lets say 100 as example, the “Junkyard” becomes a scannable sig.
  4. All the collected wrecks are inside this site, so players could salvage them, but the Rogue Drones might protect the site with force.


  • Do every, lets say 100, collected wrecks spawn a new “Junkyard” or do the Rogue Drones keep collecting wrecks, “upgrading” the “Junkyard”? The more wrecks, the higher the protection level?
    (this one is important, because in some mission running systems you would get 20, 50 or even 100 Junkyards quickly because players kill so many NPCs there. To limit the amount of Junkyards spawning, these sites should really collect LOTs of wrecks. But it should be more difficult to get your hands on a site with 500 wrecks than on a site with 100 wrecks, for balance reasons).

  • Do the Rogue Drones loot the wrecks? So they are empty when you enter the site or do they still have the loot that dropped when they were created? Thats important because if they are still full, it could be way more lucrative to just doing “Junkyards” and looting/salvaging other peoples abandoned wrecks than actually doing the missions. Lets say there are 500 wrecks in a fully upgraded “Junkyard” and half of them have items in them, that could easily be 50 Million ISK + Salvage Mats from 500 Wrecks. It could even be too high of an income for HighSec at all, depending on how fast you can do the sites. So they would have to be protected quite hard, to make players need time to shoot down the protection.

But I like the general idea, salvaging can really use some upgrades. And more wrecks being salvaged means rigs will get a lot cheaper means pvp ships become cheaper. And people will probably use MTUs to tractor in all the wrecks in these sites, meaning Pirates can attack these MTUs, aka player interaction.

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Mechanically, they would despawn and then respawn in the cosmic signature next to a rogue drone that “warped” into the site. This tells the same story that you’re describing, just with less server load. The vast majority of wrecks wont have anyone on grid with them when they despawn anyway, so there isn’t much reason to have the server animate an npc drone fly over to the various wrecks to collect them.

This will also clear the flag from the wrecks, allowing players to use tractor beams on the wrecks in the site.

Yeah, that’s the basic idea. The specifics could be tweaked of course, but that’s for the balance team to figure out. I think my preferred option is to have the site start out as an anom, and then when it upgrades it would turn into a signature. This way we ramp up the difficulty over time allowing new players some exposure to different play styles.

The later. We certainly don’t need 500 sigs in the system. :stuck_out_tongue:

My thought is the drones would loot the wrecks and add them to hackable structures. So players could still get their hands on the valuables, but they’ll have to do a bit more work for it. Those structures would also have salvage, since the site will actually be salvaging the wrecks (likely at a lower salvaging skill level than a player could attain.) This removes the objects from space, but still provides the players an incentive to go to the site and salvage / loot it.

I also had the thought the sites would consume the wrecks and salvage to produce ships and also act as the justification for the site upgrades. So there would still be a timer on what’s in the site, it would just be a longer duration that is currently available.

So, that would drop some of the value, but also the market would determine a lot of the value by self. There’s no isk reward here, just salvage, So the easier it is to get, the less total value would be given by the market. We don’t really know how good these things would be until implemented.

Obviously upping the risk of the site would do a lot to preserve the value of the looted items and salvage. There are a few ways to go about this. At the lowest level, I wouldn’t see an issue of starting it off at the level of a t1 combat anom, but t2 or 3 would be fine as well. At the highest level, I believe FOBs are a good metric to make use of. And they would even send out strike groups to harass players in the system when it gets to that level, forcing players to deal with the fob or continue to suffer random attacks.

If that’s still not enough risk, another possible option, would be to suspect flag anyone who enters the site once it hits that fob level, turning them into truly nasty encounters. It could even go full ESS with a warp disruption field. But before that happens, anyone inside the site with green safety on when it upgrades to that final level, would be warped off grid.

Yeah, that’s my thought process as well. Even if the site doesn’t suspect flag people inside it, there’s a lot of potential for player interaction. Even in nullsec, there are some pretty heavily farmed systems, and those systems would likely have a few people salvaging, which would create another strike point for pvp roamers.

As to the op, it would be cool if the salvage ships suggested were actually drone ships. I don’t mean ships that use drones (although they do,) but rather that they’re literal drone ships from the rogue drone faction. Killing specific ships within the proposed junkyard anom / sig could drop the bpcs.

Perhaps, CCP would introduce faction variations of the empire exploration frigates with these bonuses at a later date through their current narrative event philosophy.