Salvaging Upgrades

1 - I still see issue with Rogue Drone Sites like that is you will find some sites that always has it and others empty. I can warp around now and see sites that almost have no one, and others that have the majority.
—I think Generic spawned and its based on the Level of the site. IE a L1 will have 10 wrecks no drones, where a L4 will have 50-100 wrecks with significant amount of drones.
–Sure make it so systems that have more wrecks will have higher chance but spread the love out. I know 3-4 zones i’d camp knowing they will spawn there every hour.

Now for NS/LS sure make it a site similar to the banks where it is a central hub. That will make it so it becomes a pvp fest.

As for the Salvage ships being Drone Faction, the reason i’d say ORE is cause ORE already does Salvage and Resource harvesting. Faction Versions would be neat, but you would probably look at a generic skill for them…

Salvager V → Salvager Ships
Ore Hauler + Salvager Ships = OP
Salvager Ships + Frigate + Covert = Empire

I don’t actually see that being a problem. One of the problems with exploration in EVE is it’s not very exploratory. Every site in EVE has already been discovered, and people are familiar enough with them to know exactly what is inside them. We need more randomness.

Even so, at down time, all the sites would be reset, so you shouldn’t have a large proliferation of empty junk yards. Though maybe the most active sites could stay active, it doesn’t really make sense that an active fob that’s constantly receiving salvage would just despawn.

For this same reason, as the sites evolve, I think the grids should get larger, forcing players to actually explore them. Although, since it wouldn’t necessarily be behind an accel gate, people could warp around inside the site. Though, if it has a warp disruption field active, I suppose that would hamper warping a bit.

Even if there are sites that don’t get very much salvage, there should still be npcs in them, so they wont be completely empty. Perhaps, if a certain amount of time goes by, without collecting salvage from the system, the junk yard will actually downgrade as it’s using the base’s material to create more rogue drones. This should also cut down on the number of empty junkyards.

This method could also be a way for players to deal with fobs rather than destroying them. If a group salvages the wrecks before the site can, it wont have enough salvage to turn into npcs, so it will have to downgrade the site in order to continue to produce them. In this way, static, overly farmed sites will disappear.

Yeah, I get that, but I still think thematically, it would fit the rogue drone faction better. Perhaps, the sites could also drop nexus shards that would be useless at first, but eventually CCP would have an event where ORE wants you to collect them, and they develop their own version of the ships. Could even be that the rogue drone ships are t2 cov ops… and the ore versions are t1. Of course, ORE could develop their own t2 variations later as well.

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though they shouldn’t, that role was supposed to be taken by the Noctis, but it costs too much and its bonuses are not as good as they should to counter the MTU+destroyer combo

you can salvage them even if they are yellow, the problem is that you can’t scan them

Salvage Probes and Salvage Sites have been suggested before, however this seems to be the way forward for them so I am for them, so on that side of things +1

I also like the idea of a Salvage Frigate (also +1)

I also like the Idea of A Derelict ship which you can send troops too, however instead of NPC’s I suggest we just wait for warclones to be implemented. so this is also a +1

if Salvaging was squirreled into the category of Exploration, you could theoretically create a PVE Salvage Site.

this can be done two ways

  1. simply just create the site and have it detectable by D-scan / Normal probes but have ship restrictions for the anomaly in space, perhaps you find a acceleration gate and slap the ship restrictions on there just like missions and ESS

  2. you create salvage probes + salvage probe launcher and only allow it to be fit onto salvage ships (i hope this also includes a salvage frigate) you can then balance the ships dealing with salvage accordingly allowing bonuses to scan probes and such things, I would still feel though having salvage sites would have to be ship restricted as there would be nothing stopping people from scanning the site in a salvage ship, book marking it, then changing ship and swooping in.

you basically have a red herring site.
find site, warp in, find some kind of hackable which doesn’t give you much. maybe just a shiny bauble
beginning the hack allows for ships to spawn.

two options

  1. waves of ships just come after you, these would have to be little to no bounty on them, you hack the can while your drones pew and create wrecks, then when you succeed or fail the salvaging you clean up the site.

  2. seeing as this already happens in game randomly between some NPCs, you could simply have two NPC groups show up and blow each other out of the sky because they’re fighting over [insert shiny bauble here] once the fight is over depending on your faction standings a bunch of blues floating around you, or some rats to pick off if you’re red to both groups.

if the idea of a salvage frigate and other salvage ships is on the table, honestly i would propose a complete rework how salvaging ships work anyway.

I for one as a salvager would like to see some kind of fuel based assault damage control i could fit to my ship, this way even if battle ships are firing full salvo at me I can brush it off and keep salvaging.

like all ships, salvage ships should have a means to defend themselves, however this doesn’t always have to be increased weapon or drone damage & range, the Noctis is a big slow pain to move around which honestly needs a paint job or a much more shiny looking t2 version.

give it some kind of warp core strength bonus so its insanely hard to scram and keep on grid and maybe we won’t worry about the cost so much because even if we get caught, we can still slip away. this would honestly null the aspect of how slow the ship is anyway
Currently: “the noctis is slow, it gets blown up easy”

however we could have “the noctis is slow, but you basically can’t hold it even if you catch it” and/or
“the noctis is slow, but its only good for salvaging”

honestly one thing i think would be cool for salvaging would be an on board reprocessing capability.
slap a mineral hold onto the noctis and a fuel powered reprocessing module, this would allow people to use the “scrapmetal processing” skill while in space and usher any minerals they pump out into their mineral hold, on another suggestion I once threw out there many moons ago, I suggested having a refining yield for reprocessing over time.

even though people liked the idea, it wasn’t implemented, which i understand, HOWEVER why not slap very feature onto the idea of a noctis having onboard scrap metal reprocessing.

this would be a cool idea so if the game gave us salvagers LOTS of small almost isk worthless scrap metal to reprocess maybe even civilian grade stuff, we hit reprocess, give the module something like 75% reprocess before factoring in skills, give the cycles 5 minutes for the modules, however the longer the module runs, you get a further increased reprocessing yield.

so just as example, module + max skills = 80% for example
give +2% yield on the next cycle and have it accumulate.

this way we can fill up our ships full of junk stuff and have to sit there reprocessing it, in fact, it would be good to be able to have salvage drones out there salvaging wrecks while your ship is chewing threw the materials.

reasonable sized cargo hold with an appropriate mineral hold, similar to compression you need x amount of units or m3 in order to reprocess.

personally if the onboard over time processing was factored in, I would even go as far as to say I’m not even against the idea of having scrapmetal compression on a ship, allowing us to turn all those various random loot things we have into metal cubes, which are then used in the onboard reprocessing, the more cubes you have the better.

if that became a factor, you could even set up space based salvage and scrap yards which you raid for these “scrap cubes”

you can reprocess stuff normally in stations even the suggested scrap cubes for lower reprocessing yield, but if you do it over time in space in a noctis, you’ll get a good yield.

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Additional After Thought (and this is just spit balling here)
in my proposed sites above, I would also go as far disallow ship board reprocessing within those sites

if you were to grant salvage lasers +100 scrap metal per level of salvaging, each time you salvage a wreck, you’d get the parts needed for making rigs, but then gain a huge amount of excess scrap metal, so at salvage level 5 you get all the burnt out units and such +500 scrap.

compress the scrap to cubes (follow mining as a rule of thumb) 100 units to compress
and for the reprocessing unit 1 compressed scrap cube expended over 5 minutes.

T1 Mining Drones bring back 25 scrap metal per drone
T2 bring you 50.

alternatively the amount of scrap could be done per ship type, meaning frigates give you a small amount of scrap, but npc carriers and titans will give you more, but i personally like the idea of the amount you get being related to the skills and maybe ship you use, giving the noctis a bonus to scrap metal yields.

this way we borrow some aspects from the mining area of game play and make it easier to balance, making the noctis truly the king of salvaging as its capable of salvage, compressing, reprocessing all in one location, honestly you probably want to throw in bonus to tractor beams for good measure too.

(Tangent) I always found it weird that as a salvager i could send my drones to the far side of grid but then couldn’t tractor the wrecks over, where as an orca gives substantially better range, so i have to fly my slow clunky noctis to the other side of the map, if i used an MTU i have to wait for it to pull all closer wrecks first as it orders targets by range then pulls which takes forever.

(Tangent over)

but this would also help create a nice chunk of active game play and I think give salvaging a bit more meat in game which the salvage players want and in their own respective ways, salvagers become real power houses and valuable assets to corporations, as a salvager if my hold was full of scrap metal, I would have no problem sitting there letting my reprocessing unit cycle, providing I can still fire my lasers, use drones, drop and MTU, I’m in my own little world of scrap metal dreams.

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further additional thought, in the real world people who work in salvage also are capable of restoration, in fact its a common occurrence for someone to buy a frame of a wrecked car and work on it as a restoration project.

I admit this aspect might not be as strong as any of the others i suggested above, but considering we already have remote repairers and nanotechnology assembly lines use in the game as well as in space construction of full structures, could we perhaps see the occurrence of the hull of a destroyed ship being restored to some kind of working condition, I think it would be cool to see some kind of remote repairer on wrecks which uses nanite repair paste or some other material, which slowly rebuilds a ship in space.

technically speaking when a ship is destroyed, the majority of the mass is still there, the ship took substantial damage which caused it to explode, rendering it useless by deforming the shape of the craft

I’ve had people who fly with me loose ships they then have to tank a substantial loss and due to being sore have walked from the game for a few weeks then their activity slowly trickles, sure this flies in the face of “don’t fly what you can’t afford to loose” but even with that aside, being able to rebuild a ship from a wreck in space I think would be pretty cool, i once had a corp mate who flew a paladin, grinding missions and after a few times of it being blown up, he quit the game, on some level it would be nice to go “i got you bro” you might not have the modules, but you’ll be able get the ship back.

especially given the cost of things like capitals and titans for example, having a group of salvagers work together to restore something like a Nyx of Avatar would be a huge deal.

on some level having salvage ops as part of fleet activity could be huge, not only could you pop an enemy titan but with enough salvagers, could restore it and keep it for your own team, that might be a bit of an extreme case, but within the EVE Community people do help each other out in what little ways they can, donating ships, killing rats in asteroid belts when you’re only in a dinky venture, donating isk. so in terms of player mind set a bunch of people who do salvage I’m sure would be like “we can hook you up” and get to work restoring a wreck.

simply disallow restoration on NPC wrecks all together.

this would add even more meat to the game play of salvaging and also add again to how useful salvagers can be.

something to consider for sure, just adding more spice into the giant bowl of bland mashed potato which is salvaging atm.

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