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I discussed with a GM and they said it would be good to post it here. I was wanting to scrap and loot some wrecks someone left but they were not in dscan range anywhere so I figured I would probe for them. To my surprise you cannot probe for containers nor wrecks. I would love to see this added in I think it would get lots of use for salvagers, PVP and PVE if you left something at a sight like a container but cant get back to it. I’m not a dev but I don’t think it would be too hard to add it in. Would be a nice simple QoL add in.

Looting is a suspect offense if its not your loot or abandoned. Was corrected on this

The problem isn’t to “add it in”, the problem is the consequences that would have. To get a warpable location as scan result, you would need a scannable signature first. Can you imagine that in some missionrunner-systems you would suddenly have thousands of sigs in the probe-scanner just from wrecks? Not only that the server would need to handle and keep track of them (wrecks are expiring quickly), it would even be in vain for 99%, because simply no one would come to scan and salvage them. We are really talking about a small minority here that wants to do this job. So, the benefits are not even closely worth the effort.

I remember a more sophisticated suggestion made in the past months about this issue, somewhat around that each wreck in the system increases the chance for a special “Rogue Drone Anomaly” spawning that would contain masses of wrecks to salvage (if you can fight off the Rogue Drones first of course), with the quality and size of the Anomaly increasing the more ships are killed in the system without someone salvaging them). That one would be far better than making every wreck/container scannable.

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Fixed for accuracy’s sake.

(Note: Unless you shoot the wreck. :wink: )

Whoops. Thought it was criminal, just destroying it is. My bad

As you know, but the OP may not, Looting someone else’s wrecks, and shooting at their MTU will gain you a suspect flag (good fun for baiting) however, salvaging their wrecks will not.

I made my first 500 mil isk infiltrating mission runner sites, and salvaging all the wrecks pulled in by the MTU.

Then I moved into hunting down “abandoned*” MTU’s and clearing them from the space lanes. Got a couple that had sucked up their owners blinged out wrecks (800 mil+ isk) when they lost it to a NPC.

*according to the Ani Clean Act of Y.T. 134, an MTU is considered abandoned when it’s more than 50 meters away from the owner.

but the suspect flag really only matters in High Sec. and of course shooting another player is illegal too in HS and LS i guess. Legality shouldnt play into it at all

Also gatecamps are illegal as well…its up to the person what they do with the ability as with about anything in Eve, can freely scam, steal, gank, etc

You can shoot someone in LS. CONCORD isnt active in LS. The danger with attacking someone in LS is podding them.

But podding is so much fun!

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