Loot filters

Problem: Looting a wreck with only “metal scrap” feels underwhelming
Solution 1: Remove metal scrap from the game
Solution 2: Loot filters?

Loot filters feels cheaty you say? Maybe? If its the case a new type of fitting slot could probably be introduced. Maybe each ship only has 4-6 slots each. They dont require powergrid, calibration or CPU. But one of the modules designed for this type of slot is for a “Loot filter” and there will be more stuff to come, but the loot filter is just a wreck scanner, its fully automatic, and you can use blacklist or whitelist mode. It scans wrecks up to maybe 1000km away. If thw wreck doesent have loot that the loot filter is configfed for then the wreck doesent show up in the overview, or the wreck gets a different color in the overview maybe. Maybe the filter can be configured for total value as well. If the value is under x, then the wreck will be hidden or coloered differently etc. Thats it. thats my loot filter idea.

You mean, the wrecks in the overview would show as empty in the case there was only metal scraps (or any other “loot” set in that filter) ?

If so, I would like that.
Else, when looking into a wreck you are looting, there is already filters you can setup. Used by many in the Abyss for example.

As for the fitting slot, it could also be to give a new capability to the existing Cargo Scanner to also be able to scan wrecks (or maybe it does it already, but I haven’t used that module yet so I don’t know, and the description is specifically about scanning cargo (but I know some explorers use it to scan the containers in Data/Relic sites, so they know what to hack in priority).

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