Partially completed Relic & Data sites

Relic/Data sites that have had the containers scanned and cherry picked are a major pain as they delay respawning of new sites. While I appreciate that Eve is a sandbox game and pretty much whatever goes, would it be possible to show who has looted a container in similar way to the ‘ownership’ of wrecks?

This would still give the option to cherry pick but highlight who the culprits are. This wouldn’t affect roamers as they’re off and away, but it would highlight lazy, shortsighted & greedy locals.

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I like it.

Tag the empty cans with the name of the person who emptied it, just like you can currently see the name of players who created wrecks. Simple and effective, it would allow us to see who I need to chase and kill to make up for my lost time.

You have my support.

I think it would be cool… if you’d have to hack the empty container to get that Information. Kind of like you’re sifting through it’s electronic database to get access to that data.

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That’s also a +1 for me. It could lead to some really neat counterintelligence when one corp suspects another of destroying their exploration income, not unlike what players can now do with Type A Mining Crystals.

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