Remove cargo scanning from data/relic sites

With the advent of remotely visible signatures the issue of cherry picking cans in sites can only get worse.

CCP devs have mentioned in their last edition of EVE Pulse that remotely seeing signatures was added to prevent new players from wasting time and not feeling rewarded when they go exploring.Cherry picking cans within sites does just that ,makes someone waste time .

My proposal is simple remove cargo scanning of data and relic loot cans this way an explorer finding a site will have to do the entire site and so doing it can respawn elsewhere and not remain a nuisance to other players.


Yes. Cherry Picking and leaving unfinished sites behind is more annoying than botting. While cargo scanning has its legitimate use for good explorers (you can cut down wasted time if you know which can you can explode and which not) but these cherry picking people turn this into a big frustration.

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So I’m assuming you’re talking about the safer sites (non-ghost, etc).

There’s really no need for cargo scanners as you’ll rarely encounter an empty can. If you’re quick at hacking you’re not wasting too much time by not cargo scanning and you might find better use for that extra mid slot than you would save time in using a cargo scanner. In other words, it’s a subjective choice. Personally I don’t bother using a cargo scanner in these sites but that’s just me.

Also - I rarely encounter partially-picked sites, so while I agree it can be a nuisance, I don’t think the removal of cargo scanning is going to change the fact that if someone wants to be a prick and keep a site from despawning by leaving an unhacked can, they’re going to be a prick with or without cargo scanners.

Perhaps a better solution, to discourage partial cherry-picking, would be to have a timer countdown from when the first can has been hacked, and the site despawns when the timer expires. Of course, this would introduce a situation in which said prick might want to constantly despawn sites by hacking one can and leaving, so to mitigate that the timer would have to be somewhat lengthy (say, an hour) and a new site would have to respawn shortly after the despawn in the same or in a nearby system.


This is also favorable.

Why not de-spawn the site once any can has been looted after a specified time frame? So we don’t get sites just sitting there waiting for all cans to be popped/looted.


That’s basically what I said :wink:


OOOPSIE! I swear I thought I read your full post. So sorry. :crazy_face:


Congratulations, this has been implemented since Odyssey

Cool! I didn’t know that! How long is the timer then?

Several hours, I don’t know the exact number and I don’t believe it has ever been openly released what it is.

I think that’s part of the problem: the timer might be -too- long. I do remember one time I was surfing through Null and went through half the region encountering only cherry-picked sites.


Agree that cargo scanning is an issue. Several workable solutions proposed, I prefer depawning the site. Half done sites are PITA.


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this is a good reward for a player using more tools. Is ccp who is begin lazy and not marking a site as cleared more intuitively.

I’ve never understood why you can cargo scan hackable cans in the first place. Aside from being a potential annoyance to players coming across half-hacked sites, it’s a risk-reduction method for sites outside of hisec.

Want to spend less time decloaked and vulnerable? Just scan the cans and cherry-pick the good ones. Viola!

This seems anathema to the very concept of risk vs reward.

+1. Time to ban the can scan.


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