Exploration cans and cargo scanners

I would like to see the hackable containers in explorations sites be immune to cargo scanners. I can’t tell you how many times I come into a site and one or two of the containers have been hacked but not enough to despawn the site. I think that you should have to complete the site instead of cherry pick the best cans and leave the rest.

That being said I do think the covert op sites should be cargo scannable as there is a limited time but if that didn’t happen I wouldn’t be upset about it. Luck of the draw in the case.

A solution could be that once any can is hacked the site despawns rather quickly after there’s no one on grid with it.

Partially completed (including cherry-picked) sites despawn in a few hours - a massive improvement over the old state of affairs when they didn’t despawn until downtime.

There may still be room for improvement, but I’m not sure how fast is ‘too fast’ for players who legitimately have to leave and come back (ship repair, full cargo, etc).

I think this is an issue that is up to the players to solve.

Hacking only the valuable cans and leaving the rest of the trash for other explorers, also known as cherry picking, is a valid gameplay strategy. If you expect enemies to be camping in a site, it makes sense to spend the least amount of time in there.

That said, it is a stupid thing to do if you expect to continue exploring in that same region after you cherry picked a site, as cleared sites can respawn in the next system you visit, while the cherry picked sites won’t respawn for you in the next couple of hours, which gives the cherry picking explorer less chance to find new sites.

As a player who doesn’t like when explorers leave their trash to you, you can do something about it. Kill the cherry pickers.

As cherry picking explorers have wasted a mid slot to a cargo scanner and likely more modules in order to have enough range, they are a very easy kill provided you catch them.

A rocket bomber with faction scram and web should be able to easily catch them.


as Gerard Amatin, i think that, in a sandbox, the players should solve problems, not CCP changes in game mechanisms
Either convince players to stop cherry picking (do a csm campaign, videos on you tube, what you want). Or kill the cherrypickers. etc

I hate cherrypickers but it is like scamming, betraying, being a pirate, etc: it is something that you can see in eve, not in usual mmos, and that is “legal”


I added this to my list.

To my recollection, after the first can, sites are actually on a 30-minute timer if not all cans are hacked.

I don’t know how much faster people want that timer to tick down, but this is not as big of a problem as many people seem to think it is. If you’re running into cherry-picked sites, find another area.

I don’t even mind it that much when I find cherry-picked sites.

When I’ve sweeped a few constellations for sigs and then find cherry picked sites, I just finish the sites off, then do another round to get all the respawns in the constellations you already scanned. Pretty easy to spot the respawned sites. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s more annoying to hit cherry picked sites right when you start exploring. At that point I go do something else and try again later.

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