Filter, Sort & Search By Slot Type

Sort & Search By Slot Type

Add the ability to sort and search hangars and other interfaces based upon the slot of modules.

For instance, let me go to my hangar or container and search for Low Slot items, whereupon only items of that type would show. Add into this the ability to further filter by name so if I select Rig and type Med, I would see all of my Rigs with the letters Med in their names.

This added level of filtering would really make sorting through stuff a lot easier and faster.

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fill a container with low slot items … then its sorted …


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While I agree with Juur, wild card searches like we can already do in the Asset window for ship types would be a really great addition in other places as well.

You uh, you can already filter by slot type and sort by slot type.

Do people even play this game?

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@Miracles_Happen this would be better suited in the player feature and ideas section… this is under forum feedback, which has specifically to do with the forums not the game.

you can move it yourself, or you can flag your first post and ask an ISD to move it.

then again, this option is in the game, so this topic is unecessary.

In the fittings window only. I mean in my own hangars. If its there, I ain’t seen how.

And how do I move or flag the thread??

at the bottom left of the inventory screen, there is an option for filter… you can do everything you want with that.

i’ll flag it for you…

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yeah… im talking about in the hanger. filters bottom left of any cargo window.

The sort by is just in the normal cargo window.


Screen shot of what @Lugh_Crow-Slave is talking about.


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