Allow us to filter out ships by Faction in the Fitting Window

Basically this:


Should allow us to filter and show only the Minmatar ships.
So it’d give us a list of something like:


And we’d only see Minmatar ships under those little folders.

In theory, extra filters are nice to have, but why would it make sense for CCP to implement this to the exclusion of other features? Just search for the actual ship you are looking for. If you have not learned the ships, then open the ship tree. The current tools can be used to get the job done.

where are you even getting this? go troll in General Discussion threads.
Edit: yeah, i’m not gonna derail this thread with nonsense garbage. congrats on being the second fastest person to meet my block list, kid.

I would be happier if I could just type in a module name and get fittings listed that have this module fitted.

Professional experience. I can only work on one thing at a time to the exclusion of everything else. For example, when I am implementing one feature, I am not working on other features or bug fixes. Related features may go faster, but nothing is free.

Is it really worth taking a developer off of something else to polish the search functionality? The current tools can be used to get the job done, so I do not think so. You may disagree. Why is this an important use case? (Since the OP seems to think that discussing the validity of a proposed feature is “nonsense garbage”, perhaps someone else can enlighten me.)

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