Ship Hangar Divisions for Types of Ships for QoL


Where do we sign for this ?


You don’t sign. You like the post. I would recommend that instead of “mining/scanning/pvp/hauling/travel” you get the option to sort the hangar BY SHIP TYPE.

Frigates, Assault Frigates, and Interceptors each getting their own section in the overview like in the picture personally able to be marked for a role.

Tackle frigates, Logi Frigates, Target Paint Frigates.

All possible to flag within your fitting window on how you intend to use them.

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It should simply be as fleet. Create new group, name new group, save hangar setup, so you can transfer it to other chars and such tbh.
But i would absolutely love to be able to make groups in my ship hangar!


And it should be easy to do for devs… Now i’m wondering why its not there yet


Theres about 1000 other much more important things to do tbh.
This is most likely not easy to implement or create and would most likely require some kind of re-write of the entire hangar code, if thats even possible.

It’s software, everything is possible. It is only a matter of effort.

Why this isn’t already there might be because the custom filters one can set up could do nearly the same thing. If you bother setting them up, I guess. Without the icons, sadly.

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Unless you are the programmer who is reading the source code, you have no ability to perform cost or labor estimates on any project proposal.

Filters don’t do the same thing. You cannot tag a ship with a function or purpose and then filter on that purpose. What if I have ten Gilas? One Gila does drone events. The other does Serpentis. The next is for sleeper events. Another one for Abyssals. Another I use for PVP, but it is fit differently than another I use for PVP? The ability to sort ships by function is highly needed since the icons are all identical and there no way to sort them otherwise except to name them different things.


What if I have 30 different frigates? Oh wait… I have 12 dirt cheap fits, 4 cynos in various locations, some are interceptors, some are Amarr ships, some are Caldari… Filters bro.

Filters do not have enough functionality. They only allow you to filter by the object meta data or the name. FIlters might work if we could tag our ships without renaming them.


Don’t stop there, make the filters part of a ship inventory GUI, that lists all your ships no matter where they’re at. I think of how many times I’ve gone to inventory and searched for “ship” and then had to click around opening and closing stations to find the ship I wanted. A interface like OP posted would work and if you moused over or clicked on a desired ship, you’d get location, distance from current station, and the option to set as destination.


You have made some good points
I support this idea.

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Well presented, constructively discussed, and a clear QoL benefit proposed.


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Ofc not. But taking the whole “we need to replace the chat legacy code incident” into account, we can quite certaintly assume the hangar code is as old and legacy as the old chat system. (both were here from the get go, and the hangar system has never recieved any kind of QoL update)
Who knows if its as complex and works with as many systems, but i seriously doubt its gonna be easy to either update it or replace it.

Dont take this as i dont want this, i most certaintly want this! But i dont think its easy peasy to implement tbh.

Something similar to the existing inventory filters could work. Create Hangar Views&Tags and based on what tags you put on ships, they’ll either show or be hidden for a given hangar view.

There are two use cases supported by my proposal:

  1. Find the ship you are looking for out of a large collection of ships

  2. Observe your entire collection of ships in a hangar and understand what all you have and what you do not have

Filters support the first. They do not support the second.

Hangar divisions do not support the second either. There is no “view all divisions” ability in EVE. You can, at best, see one division at a time in a practical manner. Your second use-case is also completely subjective to the point of irrelevance. If you want to see your “entire collection” of ships, just toggle off any current filters!

In fact, the quickest way for ccp to implement this is to duplicate the Station Container category into a Ship Maintenance Container category. 1/10/100m m3 containers that can only hold fit ships (just like SMBs) and would be viewable under the ship hangar.

I agree. I would also like to see this for everything else without using cargo containers.

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There is no “view all divisions” ability in EVE.

My suggestion has nothing to do with corporation hangars and divisions. I am asking for the ability to have a line drawn inside a single hangar, and allow me to drag ship icons to the appropriate category - let me create categories of things inside a single hangar.