(Skander Parzival) #1

Since to be effective as a salvager you can’t fit guns, where’s the best way to salvage?
Anyone has any tips?

(Quelza) #2

Just some ideas, but:

Pair up with another player and salvage the wrecks they create while running missions or combat sites.

Use combat probes to scan down other players running missions and start salvaging their wrecks without permission.

Bookmark a location you’ve created wrecks at and reship into a salvaging ship.

Use a mobile depot to refit in space and carry both guns and salvaging equipment.

(Skander Parzival) #3

Salvaging their wreks without permissions doesn’t give me the suspect status?

(Quelza) #4

Salvaging another player’s wrecks without their permission does not give you suspect status. Only looting them does.

I should note, however, that your tractor beams will not work on other players’ wrecks. Salvage drone AI will not automatically go for other players’ wrecks either, so you’ll have to command the drones to salvage each wreck.

(Skander Parzival) #5

I see
I was going to get an Expanded Core Probe launcher for scanning down wreks sites. But sadly i can’t fit one of those in a destroyer

(Wanda Fayne) #6

You can’t scan down wrecks. You can scan ships, MTUs, drones and cosmic signatures.

(Memphis Baas) #8

Easiest would be to run your own missions in a combat ship, and bookmark (ctrl-b) one of the wrecks at each mission pocket. Wrecks last for 2 hours, even if you complete the mission, so there’s plenty of time to switch to a destroyer with 5 salvagers and 3 tractor beams and get the wrecks.

Otherwise, as above:

  • If you pair up with someone you can use the fleet interface to warp to their mission location without having to probe it down.

  • Or you can just use combat probes (in an exploration frigate) to find player ships or player drones as they do their missions, and then warp there with your salvaging destroyer. As long as you just salvage, and don’t loot, you won’t go suspect. They won’t like it, but if they attack you, Concord police will get them.

(Sasha Viderzei) #9

They might goes berserk and start blowing up the wrecks before you get to them, there was a story about a player who did that against a salvage Probe pretty annoying following him in every combat signatures he completed ^^

(Skander Parzival) #10

That seems immature, i mean. Blowing up wreks you are leaving to rot in space…

Anyway i got my ship fitted and well.
Hoarder with 900m/s a ammo bay to loot the ammo and a nice cargo bay for MTU, salvage and very costy components. If you ever need a Janitor, just shout out to me

(Sasha Viderzei) #11

I don’t know if Hoarder is the best for salvaging operations. EVE Univeristy give betters options actually :

  • Destroyers : fast ships with 8 high slots and a good cargo size (with cargo expanders).
  • Battlecruisers : 8 high slots too, but on my opinion they are far too slow compared to a destroyer, the only advantage you can get from them is cargo size.
  • Battleships : apparently used a long time ago for salvage, they are far behind every other ship now. But if you want to throw ISK out of your account (think of me if that happens) and spend several days training, you can use a Marauder for the two utility high slots, used for a tractor beam and a Salvager, allowing you to salvage while attacking rats.
  • Finally, but not least : the Noctis,. Nothing beat that beast when it come to salvaging : 8 high slots, industrial cargo bay, plus bonuses to tractor beam range and speed, and another one of Salvager cycle duration. Plus it’s far cheaper than a battleship or a Marauder.

Hope it can help you :slight_smile:

(Uriel the Flame) #12

(c4binfever) #13

Send me a mail ingame if you are looking for a mission buddy to clear up. I’m also trying to help promote a lot of salvaging for new pilots.

(Skander Parzival) #14

Every Omega option is out of reach.

I use the Hoarder becouse it has a reliable cargo space and can fit Expanded Probe launcher, which a destroyer can’t.

(Kathern Aurilen) #15

I run 2 or 3 sites and drop a MTU. Then swing back in my desy salvager ship and clean up

(Skander Parzival) #16

I’m a full time salvager. No runs for me

(Quelza) #17

Perhaps one day, Skander, you will find yourself thinking “I’d have more wrecks to salvage if I spent some time making them”. After all, it is only polite to clean up after oneself when they’ve made a mess.

(Boldly Gone) #18

Alpha salvaging is hard…
But if you want to fit salvagers and a combat probe launcher, try the scanning frigates like the Minmatar Probe or Gallente Imicus, also Heron (Caldari) and Magnate (Amarr) do the job. Very cheap, enough CPU, a bigger cargo hold than a Destroyer and quick to get away if problems occure.

(Skander Parzival) #19

I always tell people if i can salvage. And you are kinda wrong: i scan multiple sites and i bookmark the whole lot of them, taking thus a lot of wreks when people are still doing the missions

(Quelza) #20

The cluster needs more like you, keeping the spacelanes free of dangerous debris.

(Kathern Aurilen) #21

My salvage Catalyst works perfectly for me. ALMOST as good as a Notis, no probe launcher though.

[Catalyst, Salvage Catalyst Alpha]
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II

1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Small Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery

Salvager I
Salvager I
Salvager I
Salvager I
Salvager I
Salvager I
Small Tractor Beam I
125mm Carbide Railgun I, Iridium Charge S

Small Salvage Tackle I
Small Salvage Tackle I