Show only player wrecks on D-scan

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to ONLY show player wrecks on the D-scan? I’m customizing an overview tab with wrecks but I don’t want to see NPC wrecks.

I have checked all overview settings and the most I can find are the exceptions for viewed and empty wrecks (Overview settings/ Filters / Exceptions).

Youre not gonna find many player wrecks. Either the owner already gets his stuff back, depending on how they died, or gankers loot it. Wrecks are only in space for 2 hours anyway

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I know but I’m wondering if there is an option to only show player wrecks in my dscan

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Thinking of this scenario that might be considered a fun way of hunting without combat.

1: Scan down combat sites and bookmark them.

  1. Once scanned just out of system to scan more sites.

  2. Make a round trip and check if the sites had been completed.

  3. NPC Wrecks if not salvaged might still be present.

Another way to look for Wrecks from other Capsuleers is to visit the Insurgency systems that host pirate fleet that frequently deploy ships at gates.

You would need a under 2 second warp and a MTU

Once you see a few wrecks in Yellow at the gates bookmark them then create a run to safe spot.

Eject from your ship leaving that at the safe spot, then warp in with your pod to inspect the yellow loot. If you see something you like or of some value then return to your safe spot to board your ship then warp to 100 of that yellow wreck drop your MTU then warp back to to safe spot or get at least some distance away 150+km to be able to warp back int to the Yellow Wreck.

Now the tricky part once you exit warp right on the Yellow Wreck that you want, you will need to be super fast at moving one item to your cargo then i instantly Jettison the cargo and warp back to your safe spot at those insurgent NPC will do over 600+ DPS and also point / tackle. So you will be really careful not to be too greedy here and wait close to your MTU outside of the area like the safe spot or if you fit a cloak.

Sorry for the long winded example though that method does work at scoring bling loot from Capsuleer Wrecks.

No there isn’t. Either you show wrecks, then all wrecks are shown, full and empty, player and NPC. Or you don’t show wrecks.


Player wrecks will be called “Wreck of: …”, generally, NPC wrecks are not called such (there are a very few exceptions, but by their name it’s generally obvious these are NPC wrecks as well) so if you d-scan for wrecks, sort by name (assuming a lot of wrecks) and scroll to ‘W’ you should be able to see player wrecks.


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