Agent MIssion and getting ganked

I have been playing Eve on and off for about a year or so and have not been able to devote as much time learning as I could so forgive what is likely a noob question.

Was doing an agent mission last week and after warping into the mission site I looked at the Dsan map and noted that I was literally in the middle of nowhere, yet almost at mission end, I am jumped by three players and taken out. So my question is, there was nothing remotely close to me yet where I could be scanned down but three gankers were able to still scan me down and warp in to my location. How is that done or are agent mission sites able to be scanned down? Thanks in advance

You can use combat scanners to scan down a ships location and warp to it.

Well that would explain it. Thanks and that also tells me that unless I am cloaked, sitting in a ‘safe spot’ isn’t as safe as I thought for any length of time. Again, thanks. I will be far more vigilant next time!

by chance were you doing a mining mission, and in hisec? if so, its pretty obvious who ganked you.

looking at your zkill, it was a solo kill, and you were in a bestower in .4…

Oh no, it was on my other alt not this one. I clicked the wrong profile when I logged on the forum. It was a security mission in .4. I know who it was I was just wondering how I was found in the middle of space with no celestials near. The combat scanner explanation makes sense since they evidently scan down ships not just anomalies.


ah ok. Yea there are some who go out of their way to go after mission runners. or anyone in “their space” happened to me twice in .4…

FYI combat scanner probes are visible on your directional scanner (dscan), assuming you have your overview set up correctly. So by checking dscan regularly, you can have enough warning that someone is trying to scan you down, so that you can get away.

If I was to run missions in lowsec, not that I would ever actually do such a thing, I would check dscan every 10 seconds or so, unless I was alone in local. If I saw combat probes, I would align to a celestial object. If a ship then warped in or de-cloaked in my mission pocket, I would warp off before they could target me.


Yeah I need to set my dscan for those. Thanks!!

I like your attitude. You’ll go far

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